Repair AVI Video without Re-encoding Main File

AVI is one of the most popular multimedia file container, as it will house both audio and video data files within a single file. It provides the perfect balance between the file size and its quality. It may be your personal video or official one. If this file is damaged, then it will make the video unwatchable. Although some players comes with in-build repairing tool, when the corruption is sever and cannot be repaired by such tools then opting for independent AVI video fixing software will be the best decision ever. When you cannot re-download such file or don’t have backup/copy of such videos, then other fixing tools are the best choice left.

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If you ever come across such cases/situation, then do not scratch your head. Instead go for repairing such videos using YupTools Fix AVI Software . When you make use of this tool then you can easily fix avi without re-encoding the main file. Some of the repairing tools prevent this kind of operation and will not be able to fix the issues successfully. So to avoid such things YupTools Fix AVI app will help you repair AVI video without re-encoding main file easily in a short interval of time

AVI file may get corrupted/broken or damaged due to numerous reasons, sometimes you experience the change soon after your edit the video file or encounter any kind of error messages. Few of the possible causes are specified here:

  • It often happens due to downloading the video file from unauthorized sites
  • If the file is already infected one
  • Hard drive failure may eventually cause damage to the existing files saved in that hard disk
  • AVI video file is not properly transferred
  • If the avi file header is damaged, then you may experience such situation
  • Unexpected system shut down while editing or saving the .avi file

All these problems may lead to major annoyance as it ruins the whole video (.avi) by making it unplayable. You will not be able to play such file on any of the media players.

By using YupTools Fix AVI video repairing utility you can easily get rid of this problem without re-encoding the main avi file and repair it easily.

Working and Features of YupTools Fix AVI Tool:

Working, of this program is simple and easy. Designed in such a way that even a person with very less technical knowledge can make use of this tool for repairing avi video without re-encoding main file in a couple of minutes.

All you need to do is,

  • Download it from the above given download buttons. Double click on the downloaded file and click on “Run” option and start the repairing wizard
  • Once you complete all the installation procedure, software will start. Click on “Browse” option to select the corrupted avi video file
  • And hit on “Repair” option to start the repairing process of the damaged video file
  • When the file is fixed completely, then you can view the repaired content using “Preview” option and save the file on the desired location by hitting on “Save” option

Now, you can use the repaired .avi video file easily on any of media players successfully without any problems!!!

Features, of YupTools Fix AVI program are very helpful for every users

  • It has best and advanced fixing avi file wizard providing the easy and simple navigations from one window to other
  • Wide support to all versions of Windows and Mac versions
  • YupTools Fix AVI software doesn’t alter or change the original content of the file while fixing/repairing the video. Gives the healthy, repaired and error free .avi video file back
  • Supports divx and xvid file formats along with .avi
  • User can even make use of this software for repairing/fixing corrupted AVI videos that are saved on external storage devices such as memory/sd cards, memory sticks, fire wire drives, usb drives, cameras, camcorders and many more of all popular brands

Windows Versions: Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1, win 7, XP, Vista, Server 2012, 2008 and Server 2003

Mac OS X Versions: Yosemite (10.10), Mavericks (10.9), Mountain Lion (10.8), Lion (10.7), Snow Leopard (10.6) and Leopard (10.5)

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