Repairing AVI Videos in Windows Media Player

“Hello everyone, recently I tried to play AVI video which was saved in my system for long time. But I was unable to play AVI video in Windows media player. I don’t know what went wrong and now I am wondering how to play AVI video in Windows media player. Even I tried many times but cannot play AVI video in Windows media player. Please help me in fixing this problem as soon as possible.”

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What are the scenarios that cause AVI files unable to play in Windows Media player?

  • Editing Issues: Due to usage of untrustworthy software programs to edit AVI vide file may cause damage to header file which leads to data corruption situation.
  • Codecs Problem: If there is any codecs incompatibility between AVI file and Windows Media player then AVI file may not play.
  • Virus Infection: Another major cause of unplayable AVI file is severe virus infection on file.
  • Download Error: Sometimes when you are downloading AVI file from the internet if there is any sort of interruption like sudden power off or sudden termination of system then there are possibilities that AVI file may get corrupted.

Safety Measures:

  • Always keep regular backup of important AVI files
  • Do not interrupt while downloading process is going on
  • Use secure antivirus tool to protect your PC
  • Avoid any sort of interruption while downloading

Why YupTools Fix AVI?

YupTools Fix AVI Movie Software can easily fix AVI files which are not playable in Windows Media Player. I can also mend XVID and DIVX files format on Windows Operating System. Its GUI is designed in simple manner that non-technical users can use it without any experts help. It also supports repairing of files that are not playable on any other player. This AVI repairing tool is compatible with all new versions of Windows Operating System. Its eye catching features are:

  • Ability to fix corrupt AVI, XVID and DIVX file format that do not play at all or partially playable
  • Video and audio streams is fixed separately and then adjoin it to form healthy file
  • It will also fix audio out of sync in AVI files in few simple clicks
  • Repaired files can be played on both Windows OS as well as Mac OS
  • Supports  mending of files from external storage device, memory cards, USB drives and many more
  • “Preview” option is provided  to view repaired  file
  • Demo edition is available so that users can evaluate its performance before buying paid one

Steps to Play Unplayable AVI Videos:

  • Download free version of YupTools Fix AVI and Launch it
  • Select corrupted or incomplete AVI file and click “REPAIR
  • Quick repairing process will take place.
  • Repaired images can be  viewed using “PREVIEW” option
  • Buy licensed version to save repaired file to any accessible drives

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