Repair Error Word File Cannot be Found

Annoyed with the error message 'Word file cannot be found'? Then read this article to know how to fix the issue and open Word file.

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There is an important Word document that you are trying to open but every time it gives an error message saying that the Word file cannot be found. There is important data in the Word file, and you cannot afford to lose access to it. What could be wrong, and how to resolve this issue?

Well, this problem is faced by many users. What we must understand is the cause of the problem, and a way to fix the issue. This error message usually occurs when you try to open a 16-bit version Word document. Sometimes, even when the Word file is corrupted you get such an error message. So let’s see what causes these error messages –

  • Incomplete download of the Word document
  • Word file header corruption
  • Microsoft Word application malfunction
  • A shortcut of the Word file might have been created, and the original file might be deleted

There are other reasons too for Word document exhibiting such error messages. However, it is possible to fix the error message and get access to its data with the help of YupTools Fix DOC software. This tool will repair corrupt Word files in a short while. Moreover, this user-friendly application can be handled even by a new computer user with ease.

Fix Error Word File Cannot be Found:

YupTools Fix DOC software is the right choice when it comes to fixing error messages. The tool doesn’t work on the original corrupt Word file, rather it scans the original Word doc, creates a replica of it, and works on that file. Thus, throughout the repair process, the original file is kept intact. The utility fixes Word file not found error in just few simple steps, and renders a healthy Word doc. The software not only repairs damaged Word documents, but it also helps to recover corrupted Word document contents like images, tables, OLE objects, hyperlinks, etc., after the repair process.

Guide to Repair Word Document not Found Error:

  • Download and install the software on your system
  • Run the tool. Select the Word .doc or .docx file to be repaired using Browse option and click on Repair.
  • Once the repair process is completed, you can preview the results using Preview option
  • Finally, save the repaired Word file on a location of your choice

Precautionary measures:

  • Do not use unreliable tools to recover deleted or lost Word files
  • Follow proper steps to exit Microsoft Word application
  • Always backup important Word docs so that you can restore them under unfortunate circumstances

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