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Millions of users prefer Word 2016 as it comprises of many exciting features. Many bloggers are well versed with Word 2016 and use it to publish articles online. Unfortunately, this new MS Word 2016 version brought some issues with it. Many users complain about a corruption issue with Word 2016. You might experience an error trying to open the file in Microsoft Office 2016. But sometimes, you could face an issue with Microsoft Word and it displays a message telling “Unable to open Word file”. Once this Word file got corrupted, you will be unable to access its content stored in it.

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Open and repair Word 2016:

Microsoft Word 2016 offers an option called “Open and Repair”. This lets you to fix corrupt Word document. Just you need to choose a file using Open dialogue box and select “Open and Repair” option from open drop down list. This process assists you to repair and open corrupt Word 2016. But you find one drawback by this method. Sometimes this open and repair Word 2016 option fails to work on severely corrupted Word 2016 document.

Solve severely corruption issues with Word 2016:

If you want to accomplish 100% Word file repair process, you must not waste much of your valuable time in fixing Word 2016 manually as it could further degrade the quality of files. To solve severely damaged Word 2016 file, trustworthy third party software is the recommended strategy.

Software to fix 2016 DOC/DOCS Files:

YupTools Fix Doc is calibrated with advanced MS Word repair mechanism. This utility lets you to fix Word 2016 file with minimal time span. It has intuitive interface which allows you to upload multiple damaged Word files proficiently. YupTools Fix Doc Program is enriched with user friendly preview function. This tool provides the effective mechanism to preview repaired Word files for analyzing its intrinsic properties and integrity. Preview functionality of this application ensures fixing of Word files that are carefully inspected and viewed.

Causes behind Word 2016 damage issue:

  • Round Tripping: This issue usually happens when a Word 2016 file is converted from one format to another frequently. Any sort of interruptions like sudden power failure, system termination, etc during conversion of Word 2016 process then it results in Word file damage and leaves it in corruption state.
  • Incompatible application: Opening Word 2016 file in an incompatible application also leads to corruption issue.
  • Macro virus infection: Macros viruses are similar to other system viruses. But these macro viruses mainly attacks on Word files. If you use macro program in your Word 2016 file then these viruses get stick to it and makes Word document inaccessible.

Features of YupTools Fix Doc File Toolkit:

  • Easily repairs damaged DOC and DOCX Word file with ease
  • Other than fixing Word 2016 file, Yuptools Fix Doc program also helps fixing Word 2000, Word 2002, Word 2003, Word 2007, 2010 and Word 2013 files
  • Can easily repair Word document stored on different storage devices like internal drive, SSD, USB flash drive and so on.
  • YupTools DOC Fix is the potent tool which can fix not responding MS Word Documents easily
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Operating System to fix Word 2016 file
  • This application not only fix Word file text but also document formatting including the font, header, footer, tables, charts, clip arts, hyperlinks and even embedded OLE objects

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