Word File Access Denied

“Last Monday, when I tried opening one of my important Word document I encountered an error message. It stated that Word file access denied which made me annoyed. Now I don’t know what to do. I can access other Word files stored in Windows Computer system. Anyhow I need to fix access denied Word file as it is very important to me. Please anyone here help me how to fix access denied Word file?”

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Such kind of error message is displayed if your Word file is corrupted due to some specific reasons. There are numerous reasons for Word file corruption due to which Word file is inaccessible.

Some of the general issues are mentioned below:

  • Round Tripping: Due to frequent round tripping of Word files may cause Word file corruption. For e.g. If you change your file format of Word file from .doc to .docx file then again you change to .doc file. This may cause inaccessible Word file.
  • Header File Corruption: Due to some sort of issues like virus attack or improper compression techniques might damage Word documents. On opening such files you might encounter Access Denied Word file error message.
  • Compatibility Issues: Sometimes due to incompatibility between Word file and Microsoft Word application used to open DOC file can lead to error message.
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons are macro viruses, transfer error, termination of system, and termination of Word and so on.

Points to be considered to avoid Word file corruption:

  • In order t escape sever data loss situation, do keep additional copy of important files.
  • Avoid round tripping of Word files.
  • Make use of secure third party compression tool.
  • Avoid any kind of interruption while downloading or transferring Word files.

Why should you use YupTools Fix Doc utility?

YupTools Fix Microsoft Word File is the best software to repair inaccessible Word file within few simple mouse clicks. It has the ability to fix corrupted or damaged Word file without any modification in original content. This utility is user friendly and fits into ones budget thus anyone can make use of it with great ease. It has the ability to recover Word document which is created by any latest versions of Microsoft Word application. Thus this Word repairing tool is widely used to fix corrupt DOC files without any difficulties.

Unique in-built features:

  • Ability to repair DOC and DOCX files with ease
  • Repair files which refuses to open due to any corruption
  • Recovers elements present in Doc files such as text, formatting, OLE objects and many more
  • Repairs password protected Word file with ease
  • Repairs Word file saved in any external storage devices.
  • If your Word 2013 file not working, use YupTools and fix it in a couple of minutes

YupTools Fix Doc tool Steps:

  • Download and launch free demo version of YupTools Fix Doc in healthy system.
  • Select corrupt Doc file and select “REPAIR” option.
  • Swift repairing process will take place.
  • One can view repaired files by using “PREVIEW” option.
  • In order to save fixed Word file you need to purchase registered edition.

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