Troubleshoot MOV File Showing Error

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Getting error while playing MOV video file? What might have gone wrong?

MOV file doesn’t play and shows errors when video file is encoded in different way or it gets corrupted due to any reason.

Solution #1 - To Fix Error Playing MOV File When it is Encoded in Different Way

First try to play your MOV video file in other media players to ensure that this is not the corruption issue. Once you confirm, get the required codecs to make it playable again. Before installing the codecs, first try to find out the codecs used in the video file. To know the codec details, open MOV file using VLC media player and then right click on playlists. Here you can get the codec details.

Solution #2- YupTools MOV Fix software to Repair Error Playing MOV File

YupTools MOV Fix software fixes MOV file that is showing error while playing. The software separates audio and video streams, fixes the issue discretely and then adjoins them to produce a healthy playable MOV file. It fixes MOV files created by popular brands of camera and camcorders, such as Kodak, Canon, Pentax, etc.

Fixing Not Playing MOV File using YupTools MOV Fix software.

Download YupTools MOV Fix software and install it on your system. Launch the application and proceed with repair process.

Step 1. When main screen appears, browse for the error playing MOV file using Corrupted File button and also select a healthy file for reference by clicking Healthy File button

Step 2. Then, click on Repair option to start repairing your MOV file

Step 3. You can check the progress of repairing process

Step 4. After completion of repair process, click on Preview button to view the fixed file

Step 5. Then, select the location to save the repaired file and click on Save button

The tool can also be used to fix corrupted/damaged MP4 as well as M4V file. You can also use this tool to solve QuickTime error 2048, audio out of sync error and many others. Also, one can use this software for fixing videos recorded using iPhone.

Other Popular Software

Repairing MOV File of Canon EOS 7D

YupTools Fix MOV is a application that provides complete solution to fix MOV videos in few simple clicks from Canon EOS 7D camera; the tool Works on all popular Windows operating system versions efficiently.

Fix MOV File Recorded on iPhone

Here is a solution to repair MOV video files recorded on iPhone; even this solution works for fixing video files stored on devices like internal or external hard drives, pen drives, memory card, etc instantly.

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