Repairing Green Screen Problem

“Last Week I was watching my favorite movie and suddenly green color screen was displayed. I was unable to see video but could hear it’s audio. After lots of efforts and search I got this MOV file; now I can’t afford to lose or download again. Please someone who have already tackled this problem help me in fixing green screen problem. Is there any tool or software program that can repair green screen problem? Can I fix green screen problem without any professional help?”

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MOV file format is very popular format that is widely used over internet. But there may be many reasons which will be responsible for green screen problem. When there is such type of problems it means that file is damaged. The basic scenarios for green screen problems are stated as follows:

  • Whenever you download MOV files from unsecure website then there is chance for video file damage
  • Due to sever attack of dangerous virus, MOV files may get corrupted
  • Even Bad sectors on computer hard drive may lead to MOV file corruption or damage
  • Header corruption due to various factors like abrupt system shut down also leads to file corruption
  • Using of third party tool for editing MOV video also results in file corruption or damaged

Do and Don’ts:

  • Always use secure and reliable sites for video downloading
  • Regularly update antivirus software in your system
  • Use good and trustworthy third party tool for editing
  • To avoid green screen issues always maintain a copy of important
  • Always scan external storage device before copying any files to system

Why YupTools Fix MOV the Best Tool to Fix Green Screen Problem?

YupTools Fix MOV File is the best tool to mend green screen problems in effective way. This tool works in read only mechanism thus original quality of video file is not modified. This tool also repair corrupt or broken MOV file from any storage memory space. It is very inexpensive and its GUI is very simple. It is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating system.

Salient Features of YupTools Fix MOV

  • Ability to fix green screen problem without any pain
  • Capable of fixing MP4 Audio Delay along with repairing MOV videos
  • Quick scanning and repairing  of corrupt/broken/damaged  MOV files
  • It supports repairing of large size MOV and MP4 files
  • Supports repairing by separating audio and video data frames and then adjoins it to create healthy file
  • One can save repaired file on any accessible storage device
  • “Preview” option is provided to view repaired files

Steps to follow for YupTools Fix MOV

  • Download free trial software and launch it
  • Choose corrupt/damaged MOV file to be repaired
  • Click on “REPAIR option.
  • Software will scan the file and repair it displaying all repaired files
  • To save recovered file you have to buy licensed version

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