How to Fix MOV File Black Screen?

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At times, when you try to play a MOV video, you may see only a black screen (with/without audio). And, facing a MOV file black screen error is one of the indications of a corrupted or damaged MOV file.

Possibly, it might be an issue of missing decoder also. So, if you experience nothing but a completely black screen when you play the MOV file then first try to fix the possible decoder problem. If fixing codec doesn’t help you then employ below techniques.

Note: Try these on a copy of your MOV file, which is giving the black screen.

1. Fix MOV File Black Screen using QuickTime:

  • Open QuickTime media player
  • Go to Edit option, then Preferences
  • Select QuickTime Preferences
  • Opt Advanced Settings
  • Disable the hardware acceleration

2. VLC to Resolve Black Screen MOV File:

  • Launch VLC player
  • Go to Media, select Convert/Save
  • Hit Add and pick the MOV file that needs to be fixed
  • Click on Convert/Save button
  • When Convert wizard pops-up, go to Settings and pick the preferred codec from the drop-down
  • Save the MOV video with a new name on the new location
  • Finally, hit the Start key

If above tricks did no help in solving black screen issue of your MOV file, then it seems the MOV file is severely corrupted and you need to go for an effective way like YupTools Fix MOV. This ideal MOV Repair tool aids you to fix the issue: black screen while playing MOV file.

Key Features of YupTools Fix MOV:

  • Repairs corrupted/damaged MOV and MP4 files in a quicker way
  • Supports repair of MOV files created using almost all popular camera brands like Nikon, Sony, Canon and much more
  • Never affects the quality of your fixed MOV video, as it works on its replica
  • Compatible to work with any edition of Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Effortlessly fixes video files that are saved on any storage media
  • Provides a preview option to ensure repairing ability
  • It even allows you to save the fixed MOV or MP4 file to any of your desired storage device like SD card, pen drives, external hard drives, CD/ DVD etc.

Steps to Fix MOV File Black Screen:

  • Download YupTools Fix MOV on your system, install it and launch
  • Select a healthy MOV video created using the same device that of broken one
  • Choose the MOV file that shows black screen and hit REPAIR button
  • After the completion of fixation, Preview the repaired MOV file
  • Activate the software and save your MOV video

Grounds of MOV file corruption and possible precautions:

  • The virus is the prime cause for MOV file corruption. So, use an effective AV tool and keep your MOV videos away from malware affected devices.
  • Avoid interruptions while downloading MOV files over the internet as it is the common reason for broken or incomplete download.
  • Avoid editing video using an unauthorized tool, round-tripping, power surges, bad sectors, sudden termination of the player during MOV video playback or transfer process since these are the main factors responsible for broken MOV file.

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