How to Fix Out of Sync MOV Files?

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When playing a MOV video clip or a movie, sometimes the audio and video frames don’t play properly. It may happen that either the audio of your MOV file plays continuously and the video freezes/lags behind or the video plays correctly and audio lags.

And, when you face such sync errors, try to play the out of sync MOV file in other media players. In case, you cannot fix MOV file out of sync issue using any media player then you have to use reliable MOV repair tool to solve out of sync MOV file.

Usually, you come across out of sync issues in MOV file when the video is encoded with improper settings or the MOV file settings does not match with media player settings which you are trying to play the MOV video clip. So, your first step should be using other media players for fixing out of sync MOV file. If, MOV synchronization issue cannot be fixed by any media player, then give a try for audio video sync software.

Even if, the video audio sync software fails to solve your out of sync MOV video then it seems the played MOV file is corrupted. Generally, a corrupted MOV video shows synchronization issues. And, you can repair corrupted MOV video file using recommended MOV repair tool like YupTools Fix MOV with simple step by step procedure.

Why YupTools Fix MOV to Repair Out of Sync MOV File?

YupTools Fix MOV files software helps you in effortless repairing out of sync MOV file. It also has the ability to repair corrupt MP4 files. By using this tool, fixing out of sync MOV file can be done with a few simple steps. It supports repairing of MOV file due to camera faulty firmware. This software has the ability to repair corrupt MOV file created using different types of camera and camcorder. Apart from sync problem, this MOV repair software even solves various issues such as green screen problem, QuickTime won't play MOV video clip etc. Also, large sized corrupt movie files can be fixed using this MOV repairing tool. It is capable of repairing audio and video data streams separately and then adjoins them to create new healthy MOV file which is playable. This software offers free download which is compatible with all latest versions of Windows Operating System, also the Mac OS X edition is available.

YupTools is capable of fixing MOV audio video file regardless of any corruption causes. The tool can even repair downloaded movies (MOV or MP4 file formats) that are unplayable.

3 Steps to Fix Out of Sync MOV File Using YupTools MOV Repair?

Step 1: Launch YupTools Fix MOV, select the out of sync MOV file and a healthy MOV video for reference. Click on the REPAIR button.

Step 2: Play and verify the MOV video using Preview repaired file option, after the repair process.

Step 3: Finally, Save the fixed MOV file in a new location.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Always download MOV files from reliable sites
  • Maintain a backup of your important video file
  • Use good third-party video editing software to edit your videos

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