Guide for Editing MOV Files on Mac

Watching MOV video without any effect is very boring, so you can edit it to make more attractive. There are many tools available to edit the MOV video files in which some of the tools are absolutely free, whereas others are expensive. But, why need to buy a MOV Editor when your media player i.e. QuickTime only help to edit MOV file on Mac. Yes, what you heard is right, you can make use of QuickTime media player on Mac to edit your MOV file. It makes MOV editing experience easier on Mac.

What Can Be Done Using QuickTime Media Player?

It works as a basic editor. QuickTime Media player offers basic editing functionalities like trimming, combining, splitting, etc. Here is the overview of each and every functionalities of QuickTime player.

1) Video and Audio Trimming

  • Open your MOV file using QuickTime Media Player.
  • Then, click on Edit tab and select Trim from the pop up menu.
  • When trimming window appears, select the part which you want to trim by dragging the bars on each end.
  • After, hit Trim button to remove unwanted parts of your video.
  • Same method can be applied to trim an Audio file. Once trim the audio or video file, go to File tab and click on save button.

2) Join two or more Videos

Combining multiple videos using QuickTime media player is very easy. Just open the first video file and then drag & drop the second video file onto QuickTime window. Second video will appear at the end of the first video file. Continue with the same procedure to add more videos. If you don’t want any part of your MOV file, use Trim option and remove it. You can even drag and drop audio file onto QuickTime window.

3) Splitting and Moving MOV Clips

  • Open a MOV file that you want to split into 2 parts in QuickTime media player.
  • Then, select Edit tab and click on Split Clip option.

That’s it, it will divide your video clip into two halves. To create multiple clips, just keep on using Split button. For rearranging video clips, just drag the clips around.

4) Shrink and Rotate MOV Video

QuickTime also helps to shrink the MOV video, so that you can easily share it using email. It is also useful to upload a video. Transcoding features are also useful to strip the video file. QuickTime media players have an option to Rotate and Flip the video files. To get benefits of editing features of QuickTime media player, you need to go to Edit tab.

While splitting and joining MOV video, you have to take extra care, as it may lead to MOV file corruption. If you don’t want to get into this situation, then while saving your edited MOV file click on File tab followed by Duplicate to create a duplicate copy of your edited video file. It will keep your original MOV file unedited. If you end up with corrupted MOV file, even after taking extra care, just use YupTools Fix MOV software. It is a reliable software to repair corrupted movie file.

Here are the steps to Fix MOV File using YupTools:

Get YupTools Fix MOV Software and install it on your system.

Step 1. Select healthy MOV file using Healthy File option and then click on Corrupted File button to pick the corrupted MOV file.

Step 2. After selecting the respective files, click on Repair option.

Step 3. You can view the progress of the repair process in the next window.

Step 4. After completion of repair process, it offers Preview option to view the repaired file.

Step 5. Next, select the location to store your repaired MOV file and hit Save button.

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