Fix MP4 Video Stopped Playing in Middle

MP4 file stopped playing in middle due to corruption is not a surprising issue in these days. You can find numerous reasons responsible for not playing MP4 video file. Mp4 file might get damaged because of improper download of MP4 file from the internet or from any other storage device, file header corruption, broken media players, etc.

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Let us know one lifetime scenario- assume that you have copied MP4 video file from USB drive into your system drive. It was about 1 hour video. It continuously played for 45 minutes, but all of a sudden a message appears stating that “unable to play mp4 file”. Many user face similar issue when they playing MP4 video file.

But this situation of MP4 file stopped playing in the middle is not worse to panic. Still the possibilities are good where you can play Mp4 file that has stopped in the middle. Only thing is that you have to spend some time with mouse clicks to carry out the process of video file repair process to make it playable.

How to make MP4 file playable that stopped playing in middle?

Well-designed YupTools Fix MOV Software that makes MP4 file playable which stopped playing in the middle. It has an ability to remove all types of errors from damaged MP4 file on your PC hard drive. This program make use of an automated repair process to fix corrupted Mp4 file. Initially this program separates audio and video streams to fix its issues and then adjoins to create a healthy MP4 video file.

What makes YupTools famous?

  • YupTools is developed with simple user interface along with precise and repairing guidelines. This feature is helpful when you face an issue like media player fail to play MP4 file
  • Works with completely read only mode. Therefore it avoids the modification of source file content while fixing damaged MP4 file won’t play in media player
  • Allows you to view repaired MP4 video file with the help of inbuilt “Preview” option before saving to the desired file storage location

How MP4 file stops playing in the middle?

  • Sometimes with intention to make free space in digital camera, you transfer MP4 video file to the computer. If this transfer process is interrupted because of system shutdown then MP4 file gets damaged and stop playing in the middle
  • If you try to access MP4 file in the media player that doesn’t support MP4 file then it results in corruption. This in turn makes MP4 video file unplayable
  • Incorrect syncing of audio and video streams in MP4 files also corrupts videos that makes unplayable in the middle

Let it be any cause that makes MP4 video file unplayable in media player YupYools is there to make videos playable when it stopped in the middle. Hence immediately download this program and make video playable in few minutes.

Important features of YupTools Fix MOV Program:

  • Fixes bad MP4 files and makes them playable on VLC media player without modifying its file information while executing video file repair operation
  • Compatible with different Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2008 based systems and performs quick MP4 file repair process
  • You can easily fix late audios in movies with the help of YupTools Fix MOV Application
  • Helps you to fix and play unplayable MP4 video files on various digital camcorders like Nikon, Samsung, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Sony, Canon etc.
  • Get technical support for 24 / 7 on 365 days of year in order to solve any queries regarding how to fix mp4 file stopped playing in middle
  • Successfully repair corrupted video file that supports different video file codec like mp4v, mjpeg and avc1 and audio file codec like sowt, RAW and mp4a

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