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“Shooting videos on DSLR cameras is an awesome feeling for any normal or professional camera users. I am a Canon users, very recent incident – I recorded my cousin marriage video on my Canon DSLR, which was around more than 16GB. While transferring this footage to my system I suddenly turned off my laptop in some distraction before the completion of the transfer process. When I restarted my laptop and tried to play copied video, but failed. Video was not opening. I suspect the footage is corrupted. Its all my fault, how do I fix this issue? Can anyone suggest me good and truly working software which will repair corrupted DSLR footage easily without causing further damage to my video? Please help me out in resolving this problem…”

DownloadSoftware to Repair Corrupted DSLR Footage -  YupTools Buy NowFixing Corrupted DSLR Footage

Instead of spending your time on searching tool for repairing DSLR corrupted footage, make use of YupTools Fix MOV Software which holds the ability to repair corrupted DSLR footages in a very simple and organized way.

YupTools Fix MOV is an indeed solution to fix and repair damaged, corrupted, unplayable or broken MOV or MP4 file format videos/footages recorded using any brands of Digital Cameras (SLR or DSLR) in a short interval of time!

There can be many causes which may be responsible for this kind of situation. Few of the video corruption cases are listed below.

Instances that cause Video File Corruption:

Virus Infection: This is one of the most common reasons for video file corruption. Many users complain of DSLR footage corruption due to viruses. If the footage is infected with malicious viruses, then there are very high chances that the file might get damage soon.

Interruptions: Any interruptions like sudden system shut down or abrupt removal of the storage device while transferring footages from one device to another may eventually cause video corruption and you will not be able to access such damaged footage.

File Conversion: Converting MOV or MP4 footage formats to other video formats in order to play and use the file in other media players, performing this might cause corruption.

Codec Problems: Sometimes the Codecs installed in your Windows system might not support the DSLR footage, so this is also one of the main factor behind video corruption.

Other Reasons: Playing DSLR footage in unsupported media players, using unreliable video editing apps, file system corruption, hard drive failure, corrupt videos due to improper download, etc. all these causes will be involved when a video recorded from SLR or DSLR camera is corrupted.

Easily overcome from this corruption issue by making use of YupTools Fix MOV Utility. Designed and built with powerful repairing mechanism which makes it possible to fix corrupted DSLR footage easily regardless of reasons.

YupTools Fix MOV Overview:

It is designed by industrial experts by employing the advanced fixing techniques which will repair the issue present in DSLR footage in a very effective manner. Simple and easy user friendly graphical interface helps every computer/laptop users having less or no technical knowledge. Software can be installed on any latest release of Windows Operating System such as Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Win 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2012, 2008 and Server 2003. You can use this software for repairing videos recorded using Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic or any other brand of Digital Cameras.

If the DSLR footage is stored in any of the external storage devices like Memory cards, iPods, Memory Sticks, USB disks, CF cards, external hard disks, and etc. videos will be fixed in minutes by using this software. This software is capable of fixing both MOV and MP4 video file formats successfully. It doesn’t alter the original content and quality of the footage while repairing and is free from all types of external threats.

Steps to Use the Software:

  • Download and install YupTools Fix MOV software on your Windows system
  • Once the software is installed, select corrupted DSLR footage by clicking on “Browse” option
  • Click on “Repair” option to start repairing of corrupt DSLR footage file. It will take few minutes to finish up the process (time may vary depending on the video size)
  • After the completion of video fixing process, click on “Preview” option to view repaired footage
  • Select “Save” option to save fixed DSLR footage on any of the desired location


  • If you’re using demo version of YupTools Fix MOV software, then you will not be able to save repaired video file as the Save button will be disabled
  • In order to save repaired DSLR footage file you will have to go for licensed version of the software, once you activate it on your Windows system you can easily store fixed MOV/MP4 footage by clicking on Save button

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