How to Repair H264 MP4 on Mac?

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H264 is the latest and most used MP4 video codec format for recording, compressing and sharing video content over several media. This is the easy format to crop, adjoin, edit, trim, or augment subtitles to a MP4 video file. The fascinating feature of this codec is after recording video footages using different gadgets with diverse designs you can convert them into the H264 format.

But, in spite of all these leads, H264 MP4 videos become inaccessible due to unforeseen events and causes. There are numerous situations that affect H264 MP4 video file and makes it unplayable. Some major whys and wherefores behind corruption or damage of H264 MP4 file are listed here.

Causes for Damage/Corruption in H264 MP4 Videos:

  • Virus intrusion on system damages the computer and H264 MP4 video file content
  • Mac hard drive issues such as bad sectors, damaged volume etc. may affect the working mechanism of H264 MP4 recordings
  • Wrong compression/conversion of H264 MP4 videos on Mac OS X makes that video inaccessible
  • Interruptions while transferring H264 MP4 video from or to Mac machine
  • Improper handling of H264 MP4 videos like playing them in unsupported player, using incompatible codec etc. leads to file corruption

When H264 MP4 files get affected due to above or any unknown reason then the videos won't play in any media player. Also, it may show error messages like an unsupported mp4 file, cannot play the MP4 video etc. Totally, the videos become unresponsive.

However, if you want to get those H264 MP4 videos back to the normal working state, you can grab assistance of reliable MP4 video repair programs like YupTools Fix MOV.

Repair H264 MP4 Video Files on Mac Using YupTools:

YupTools Fix MOV can easily repair H.264 MP4 videos on all Mac as well Windows-operated computers. Although the name says it’s a MOV repair tool, it is the powerful repair solution for MP4 videos too. The program is particularly projected to repair corrupted or damaged MP4 recordings and to settle its issue. The software can effortlessly fix audio delay in MP4 video, black screen issue in MOV video, sound not playing etc. problems in your videos. The utility repairs your MP4 and MOV videos created using GoPro, Sony Handycam, Canon camcorder, Olympus camera and other brands of video recorders in few mouse clicks. The product works best with all editions Mac OS including macOS Sierra and Windows compatible version is also available. Using the handy interface and excellent technical guidance provided by the product you can repair H264 MP4 videos in no time and effort.

Steps to Repair H264 MP4 Using YupTools:

  • Download and install YupTools Fix MOV on your Mac
  • Run the tool, choose one healthy file along with H264 MP4 video which needs to be repaired
  • Click on REPAIR button
  • After repair process, the tool displays a confirmation message
  • Play the repaired H264 MP4 video using Preview option
  • Save the file on new location

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