Repair Compressed PSD File

An important compressed PSD file is not opening and you are worried. Trying out various methods to open the file didn’t yield any result. Is there a solution to fix compressed PSD file?

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Yes, it is possible to fix compressed PSD file with the help of YupTools Fix PSD software. When PSD file gets corrupted you won’t be able to open it. This tool will safely fix the compressed PSD file in just a short span of time. But before getting to know how the application repairs PSD file, let’s see few reasons behind PSD file corruption –

  • Improper compression of PSD file
  • Any interruptions while downloading PSD files
  • Downloading compressed PSD files from unsecure sites
  • Opening PSD file in an incompatible Adobe Photoshop version

These are just some of the ways by which compressed PSD files get corrupted. But now that the file is damaged, the next step is to fix the file. How can PSD file be repaired in a safe manner? With YupTools Fix PSD software. yes, this tool will fix compressed PSD file in just few simple steps and in a secure way.

Compressed PSD File Repair:

YupTools Fix PSD software is built with advanced repair mechanisms that efficiently repair PSD compressed file. It also has the ability to recover all its attributes without any modification. This tool has a simple user interface and is easy to use so that both technical and non-technical users can use it with great comfort. YupTools Fix PSD helps in repairing even corrupted or damaged PDD files, along with PSD files. RLE compressed PSD files will be repaired safely. Even large sized or broken PSD or PDD files will be fixed. Along with repairing PSD files the application also recovers its layers separately, like layer files and mask files. It supports repair of .psd and .pdd files created on any Adobe Photoshop version.

Simple Steps to Repair Compressed PSD File:

  • Download and install YupTools Fix PSD software on your system
  • Run the tool. Select the corrupt PSD file to be fixed and click on Repair button.
  • The repair process now begins. You can view the progress of the fixing process.
  • Finally, preview the fixed file and save it on a location of your choice

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