Guide to Mend Damaged PSD

YupTools Fix PSD Software is considered as one of the best PSD repair software. It helps in mending damaged PSD file in no time. If your PSD file is corrupt due to header damage, virus infections, etc., just download YupTools Fix PSD Software and follow on-screen instructions to get the job done.

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Is your important PSD file suddenly got damaged? Look no further, here is the easy method to mend damaged PSD file in a matter of minutes.

Important Note: Before fixing PSD file, you can try these methods to get them back.

Method 1: Restoring Damaged PSD File from the Previous Version

  • Select corrupted PSD files and right click on it
  • And, choose Restore previous versions option
  • Look for an earlier version and click on Restore

Now, open Photoshop and check the restored PSD file and save it as a new PSD file.

Method 2: Get Damaged PSD from. temp file

  • Run Photoshop and select File tab
  • Select Open button and modify the file extension from. temp to .psd

Now, you will be able to successfully get back your PSD file. If you failed to get back files using these methods, then try out the YupTools Fix PSD Software and fix your corrupt PSD file.

YupTools Fix PSD Software- Tool to Mend Corrupt PSD File: -

YupTools Fix PSD Application is specially developed for photographers, digital artists, illustrators who work with PSD files a lot and often get them from all kinds of sources and on various media, so some of them appear damaged and won’t open. It is a powerful Adobe PSD Repair tool that easily analyzes the damage done to a file, identify recoverable elements and extract them from the damaged file, preserving as much of the original content as possible. Moreover, this tool has a highly intuitive interface that is perfectly suitable for professionals and regular users looking to find out how to repair PSD file in simple steps. Further, one can easily fix damaged PDD file with this tool.

Guide to Fix Damaged PSD File:

Step 1: Download YupTools Fix PSD Tool by clicking Download Now button available in this page and install it.

Step 2: Run YupTools Fix PSD program, once it is downloaded completely

Step 3: Using “Browse” button, select the damaged Photoshop file and click on “Repair”

Step 4: The software will start its fixing process.

Step 5: Once it is completed, a pop up message will be displayed showing “PSD file is repaired successfully!!”

Step 6: Using “Preview” button check your Photoshop file and store using “Save” option

Features of PSD File Repair Application

This software is built with excellent repairing mechanism that holds the capability to fix damaged, broken, and even inaccessible Photoshop file with ease. The highlighting point of this tool is, it doesn’t alter or change any PSD file content while fixing. One can feel safe regarding Photoshop file content.

It extracts the content from the damaged PSD file, repairs it, then creates a healthy working Photoshop file and gives it to you. You can use that file and continue the work which you were performing prior to corruption or damage of Photoshop PSD files. Using this tool, you can fix Photoshop file created using CS5 and other latest versions of Adobe can also be repaired in few simple steps.

Photoshop PSD File Damage Issues:

  • If the PSD file is downloaded over the internet from some unauthorized website, then that file may not be safe or is corrupted one
  • Improper way of moving Photoshop PSD file from one device to other, may corrupt the existing .psd file
  • When you try to access newer version of PSD file into the older version of Adobe Photoshop, then that file may not be supported in that version and it may not allow you to access that file, sometimes it may get corrupted or damaged
  • Other reasons are improper method of closing Adobe application while using PSD file for write / read purpose, PSD header corruption, and many others

But with the help of YupTools Fix PSD software, anyone will be able to fix all kinds of problems and errors related to Photoshop file in a few clicks of mouse./p>

Why YupTools Fix PSD Program?

Safe: YupTools Fix PSD program is free from all types of external threats like malware, spyware or malicious viruses, installing this tool won’t affect your stored files on the system while fixing damaged PSD file.

Customer Support: 24 * 7 technical help will be provided to you, in case if you find any kind of difficulty while installing this tool, or while using this software to fix damaged Photoshop file easily.

Supported operating systems:

For Windows - Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, WIndows XP, Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012

For Mac - Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, and Sierra

Demo and Full Version:

  • Downloading Demo version will assure you the repairing of damaged PSD file, you can even preview the fixed Photoshop file using “Preview” option, later on once you are sure you have healthy PSD file fixed by this software, you can go for complete version
  • It is necessary to install the licensed version of YupTools Fix PSD software, as you can easily save the repaired PSD file on any of the user defined location if you have installed the paid version of this utility.

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