How to Get Back Data When Maxtor External Drive not Detected?

“I have owned a 1TB Maxtor Basics Desktop USB 2.0 External Hard Drive for around a year and half of it used primarily to store my media files on. It has been fine until couple of days ago; it now will not show up in My computer. This is the same on multiple machines!

The strange thing is that when I plug it in to a computer, it starts to make the noise that it is working and the green light appears on the unit. I thought perhaps it was a little overworked and unplugged everything and left off to cool down for a while. Plugged everything back in and still the same. My computer is running with Lion.

ANY SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!!!! As I have a lot of photos, videos and music that I really do not want to lose!

Thanks a lot!”

Downloadhow to get back data when maxtor external drive not detected Buy NowData Recovery from Unrecognized Maxtor External Hard Drive

As the Maxtor external hard drive is not showing up in My computer, and most importantly making noises, it seems that the hard drive would have failed. Well, there are numerous reasons for the failure of an external Maxtor hard drive. Some of them are:

  • Severe virus/malware infection can damage the file system or MBR of Maxtor external hard drive. Due to this, the drive would not be shown up on computer
  • Any interruptions while transferring data from external hard drive can lead the hard drive failure and further it fails to be displayed on computer
  • Use of same external hard drive by many computers over the network can also cause external hard drive failure and leads to undetectable drive
  • Interruptions while formatting or reformatting the Maxtor external hard disk also sometimes results in drive failure

Many Problems one Solution – YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery Application!

Use YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software to recover data when Maxtor external drive not showing up. This tool will help in recovering data when Maxtor external hard drive failed to be detected due to various reasons. It will easily overcome the issues caused by virus infections, MBR corruptions, file system damage, etc and retrieves data from undetectable Maxtor external hard drive. Almost all types of files like pictures, audios, videos, texts, documents, etc will be restored using this tool. Besides unrecognized drive recovery, the program is helpful in retrieving formatted Mac hard drive, inaccessible hard drive, RAW volumes, and so on. Some of the notable features of YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery Program are:


The tool is well known for its simple and friendly user interface, using which even a novice person would carry out data recovery from Maxtor external hard drive when not showing up.

Great Service

The utility has already served a lot of customers across worldwide. Through its advanced recovery algorithms, Maxtor external hard drive data recovery when the drive fails to be detected will be easy. The app also comes with 24/7 customer service option to help those who feels any difficulty in recovery procedure.

Free Demo version

Well, nothing comes free in this world. But, with YupTools you will get a chance to recover upto 1GB of data from Maxtor external hard drive which is not showing up on Mac.

Real Time Previewer and Multiple Mac OS supporter

Once the process of data recovery is completed, it is possible to preview the retrieved data and sort-out according to its file name, type, size, and date of creation. What’s more, the app would be installed on any computer or laptop running with Mac OS X versions like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks.

Procedure to Retrieve Data from Maxtor External Drive when not showing up

  • Download and install YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery Program on Mac
  • Attach Maxtor external hard drive to the system where the app has been installed
  • Run the tool and select “Recover Drives” option
  • Now, choose “Partition Recovery” option
  • Pick up the Maxtor external drive from the list of available drives
  • Click “Next” to move further
  • Software will scan the entire drive and restore all data present on it
  • Buy the licensed version and save the recovered data on any desired location

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