Recovering Data from Western Digital Hard Drive

Most of the Western Digital Hard Drive users must be troubled if they lose data from it due to accidental deletion of the WD partition, formatting, creating or resizing the WD partition frequently. However, some people would wrong format or erase the Western Digital partition due to carelessness and many things might have happened. Some causes may be known and some may be unknown. But all these reasons would make you land in a place you will be left with no data in WD.

Downloadwestern digital data recovery Buy NowWestern Digital Hard Drive Recovery using YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software

Whatever, when it comes to recovering data from WD hard disk drive, compared to the complicated and more time taking manual data recovery would really make bheja fry! So YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery software must be the first and the favourable choice recommended by most of the industrial experts and our satisfied customers so far. You can easily download and install it in few simple clicks. YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery Application is available at affordable price with more advanced features.

YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery App:

This tool is the most reliable and more efficient one to use to restore WD disk data very easily. Designed in such a way that, person with no technical skills can use it to recover entire WD data in very few simple clicks of a mouse along. It works on Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard i.e., from version of Mac OS X 10.5 till 10.10 of 64 bit system. Moreover, with the support of this program you can easily recover files from corrupt hard drive in few minutes.

Reasons Behind Losing data from Western Digital Drive:

Causes for WD data loss can be any, like if the drive is failed you will not be having any access to the files stored in the WD disk partition. Frequent formatting or reformatting of the drive in order to maximize the storage capacity sometime will make you face huge amount of data loss from it. It may become blank with RAW file system. If the WD drive is infected with virus and connecting on multiple devices may sometimes become reasons for losing data from Western digital disk. If the file system of the western digital disk is corrupted then there are chances of losing entire files and folders stored in it. Likewise there can be various other reasons you might have experienced. But in this page only few are mentioned. Sometimes the wd drive will suddenly stops working with no proper reasons. Interruption while partitioning or repartitioning the WD drive may cause corruption of the disk and results in losing of complete drive data. Still more…

If any of the issue you’re facing and is not mentioned here, then don’t be worried. YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery software will resolve all types of problems related to Western Digital Drive in few simple steps

To overcome from all these issues is all you need to do is one simple click on Download button on this page and you’re out of your problems. Download it now and get data back from any loss situation in minutes!

Steps to Recover Data from Western Digital Drive:

  • Install this program on your Mac system. Run the application and choose “Recover Volumes / Drives” option and then select “Partition Recovery” option and click on “Next”
  • Choose Western Digital Drive for scanning. Wait with patience for few minutes till the scanning is completed
  • Once it is finished, a list of recovered data from WD disk will be displayed. You’re allowed to view those files using “Preview” option. You can select files whichever you wish to restore back
  • Save recovered data from Western Digital drive using “Save” option


  • Demo version will allow you only to view the retrieved files
  • Full version of YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery software will allow you to preview and save recovered WD data

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