Restore Missing Pictures on Mac

Nothing is worse than losing precious photos as they are used to cherish those sweet moments, which is not possible to get back. There are many factors due to which you may lose pictures on Mac. It might be due to accidental deletion or formatting of Mac volume where you have stored your images. If there exists a copy of lost images, then you are lucky to get the lost data back in simple restore option, but the worst situation occurs when the backup does not exist. At such scenarios what will you do? Is it possible to restore lost photos on Macintosh system?

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Well, you can rescue lost photos on Mac using software named YupTools Deleted Picture Recovery Tool for Mac. You just have to spend some time to carry out complete image recovery operation. The software is safe and secure tool as it works on read only mode.

How it is possible to recover lost photos?

Actually when you have lose images from Mac machine, it is not really removed from it, only its address as deleted tag in the file system. Data will still be present in your Mac system in the same location, even though you can't see them any longer. YupTools Recover Deleted Photos Mac Software for Mac can help you to get back all the images that are removed or lost just.

YupTools - A simple approach to retrieve lost photos:

Whatever the cause behind photo loss, this software is the perfect option for Mac users to restore photo files from HFS+, HFSX file systems. It has built in scanning algorithms which scans entire volume within few minutes in order to detect and locate lost images. It supports various types of image formats like JPG, JPEG, WEBP, PNG, TIF, IMG, TIFF, EXIF, and many more. Along with images, it is also possible to regain lost audio file, video files etc. from Mac volume by using this tool. In fact, it is compatible with almost all versions of Mac operating system including Mavericks. YupTools easily executes iTunes Library Files recovery process within short peroid of time.

The tool facilitates previewing the recovered images before saving them. It comes with a self-explanatory and user-friendly interface. With a simple and interactive approach, the software does not require any technical expertise to be run. The software is very flexible in allowing you to save the recovered photos at a location of your choice.

Reasons for photo loss supported by YupTools:

  • Abrupt removal of storage device or sudden system shutdown when photos are being shared from Mac system to any other storage devices may result in loss of photos
  • If you follow improper steps for repartitioning Mac volume then there is chance of photo loss from it
  • Sometimes, you may lose pictures due to corruption of storage media where you have stored images
  • There is chance of photo loss from Mac system, if you use unreliable tool to perform some operations like formatting, reformatting on Mac system

Few tips to prevent loss of photos:

  • Avoid interruptions while transferring photos from Mac system to other storage device or vice versa
  • Always take backup of photos on any other storage device
  • Be attentive, while formatting Mac volume

Recover Missing Images using these Steps:

  • Download and Run
  • Select "Recover Photos" first and then select "Recover Lost Photos"
  • Choose the drive from where you need to recover lost photos
  • Wait until the process gets over
  • View files using "Preview" and store using "Save"

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