Recover Photos When Memory Card Says Folder Empty

When you plugged the memory card to computer, it shows used space as not empty in properties window of memory card, but while trying to access stored photos it prompts folder is empty error. What will you do in such situation? Well! due to some unfortunate reasons, your memory card may behave abnormally and without any initial intimation make your files unreadable.

DownloadRetrieve Photos When Memory Card Says Folder is Empty Buy NowRecovering Blank Memory Card Pictures

In many situations, memory card says folder is empty because of file system corruption, severe virus infection and many other reasons. In such cases, you need to repair memory card to get your photos back. Here are the simple steps for fixing memory card showing folder is empty error -

  • Attach your memory card to Mac
  • Open Command Terminal and type

diskutil repairvolume /Volumes/[drive identifier]/ [replace drive identifier with the drive name i.e. memory card name]

  • Once repairing process gets over, go and check for the data stored on your memory card

If this method doesn’t work in getting back your data or you were fail to repair your memory card, then utilize Recovery Tools to restore photos from memory card that shows folder empty error.

How to Get Back Images from Empty Memory Card?

Recovering empty memory card photos is not a mystery anymore, as YupTools Recover Deleted Photos Mac Application will help you out in restoring all types of image files stored in Memory Card in a couple of easy steps.

Step by Step Guidelines to Restore Images from Blank Memory Card using YupTools-

Step 1: Download YupTools Recover Deleted Photos tool and install it. After successful installation, launch the software

Step 2:Connect the Memory Card from where you want to recover photos

Step 3:Select “Recover Photos” from the first screen

Step 4:Select “Recover Lost Photos” option from the second window. Now select Memory Card Drive and click on “Next” option

Step 5:Once the recovery process is completed, check using “Preview” option

Step 6:Finally, store recovered photos using “Save” option (Save option will be unlocked if you’ve full version of YupTools Recover Deleted Photos Mac Utility)

Whenever you lose any picture from your drive due to deletion, accidental formatting or corruption, even then you can retrieve photos with YupTools Mac Photo Recovery tool as far as the lost / deleted images space is not overwritten by any new photo.

Other Notable Features of YupTools Recover Deleted Photos Mac Software:

  • Provides Select File Type option to recover specific type of file
  • Supports recovery of various image file formats, including RAW images
  • Helps to recover photos from pen drive, external hard drive and many other storage devices
  • Recovers photos from various brands of memory card, such as Kingston, SanDisk, HP, etc.

The software provides demo version - which can be downloaded for free. Also, it enables “Preview” option to check recovered pictures. And Save Recovery Session option to pause your recovery process anytime. Moreover, recovered images can be viewed either in “Data Type” or “File Type” view. Most importantly, it works for - Yosemite (10.10), Mavericks (10.9), Mountain Lion (10.8), Lion (10.7), Snow Leopard (10.6) and Leopard (10.5) versions of Mac OS X.

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