Restore Data From Damaged Hard Drive

“I am using Windows Operating System in my computer. After returning from office I received a call saying that some urgent work needs to be completed. In a hurry, I started the computer and ran through some applications which were needed to perform the task. Once all the tools were up and running, the system hanged and all of sudden shuts down by displaying multiple statements regarding hard drive failure in black screen. Even, my system did allow me to re-boot its Operating System; I guess its hard drive became inaccessible. What to do now? What happens to the files that were saved in it??? Please somebody tell me how to recover information from damaged hard drive?”I need to complete my work today “

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Don’t worry!! First of all take a deep breath and be relaxed because there are likelihoods to restore your data from damaged hard drive, if you didn’t store any new data on damaged HDD. If you want accomplish how to recover Hard Drive without any hitch then YupTools Recover Hard Drive is the finest and honest alternative for this.

YupTools Recover Hard Drive Retrieves Damaged Hard Drive Data:

YupTools Recover Hard Drive is the most suitable software to serve you in any type of data loss circumstances as it is proficient to restore damaged hard drive data in all situations. This software makes use of highly advanced data recovery algorithms that perform deep scanning of entire drive by spending couple of minutes and restores data finally. It is highly compatible with all major versions of Windows Operating System like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, etc. This software is safe and secure to find data from damaged hard drive and it is widely used around the globe. Advantage of this software is that you can preview the recoverable data in demo version to evaluate the chances of data recovery from damaged hard drive.

Vital Reasons Responsible For Hard Drive Damage:

  • MBR Corruption: When you start a computer, MBR sector of the hard disk helps in booting the computer OS every time. If the MBR record gets corrupted due to any reason then these particulars on the hard disk will end up with damage and become inaccessible.
  • Virus Infection: This is one of the major reasons that lead to hard drive damage on your Windows computer. Once hard drive infected with virus, the file system of the respective partition gets corrupted as a result of which hard drive damage occurs.
  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors on hard disk formed when there is a scratch on the hard disk, either caused by the spinning head or any other event. If there exists any bad sector and somehow your files from hard drive are accumulated on it, then there is a chance that your hard drive might get damaged.
  • Other Reasons Hard drive damage can also happen in cases of abnormal termination of system, system crash, header corruption etc.

There are many data recovery application which helps you to recover data from damaged hard drive but you have to get the best software to make your data recovery simple, easy and fast. Thus you can use YupTools Recover Windows application which is efficient enough to perform damaged hard drive recovery in simple steps.

Distinctive Features Of YupTools Recover Hard Drive Tool:

YupTools Recover Hard Drive works on Windows platform is one of the best hard drive data recovery software that helps you to easily recover data from damaged hard drive and along with damaged HDD recovery this eminent software can also recover data from a non booting Operating System. Moreover, It can also be used to restore external HDD, memory card, pen drive, thumb drive, etc. on system that run Windows operating system. Using this toolkit you can rescue all types of files such as picture files, music files, video files, documents and many more.

Steps for Recovering Damaged Hard Drive:

  • Download demo version of YupTools Recover Hard Drive software and Run on any version of Windows OS
  • Main screen will display "Partition Recovery" and "Formatted/Re-formatted recovery" option. Choose the appropriate option
  • Quick scanning of all drive take place and displays the drive connected to computer
  • Select drive and click "Next"
  • Scanning takes place displaying all files
  • Save recovered hard drive files using paid version

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