Backup Files from PC after Format

Every day we keep on storing some amount of files on our computer. File storage keeps increasing day by day when you keep working on any projects, business, accounts and other documentation. Many users store their favorite movies, vast music collection, family photos and even some video records. Due to increase in file storage, you can find lack of space on hard drive. Hence they go for formatting the drive but forget to keep the backup of needed files from PC. Once the drive gets formatted then all the files which were stored on PC hard disk gets deleted. How to overcome this data loss disaster that is lost by formatting PC will be the only question which disturbs you a lot.

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General misconception

Many of them have a common misconception that files lost forever on formatting system drive. But the fact is formatting PC only removes the reference of the data from index on hard disk and then makes it available for storing new information on it. Files lost by formatting still remain intact on PC hard drive.

Act quickly

Once you come to know that you lost data by formatting hard drive, immediately stop using the computer. Never store any files from computer drive until you recover files from that drive. All these have to be done to avoid overwriting process. Recovery of files from formatted PC gets easier if the files are not overwritten. Files from formatted PC can be easily recovered with the support of an excellent hard drive recovery tool. Hence you must act quickly to get good hard drive recovery software.

Backup Files from Formatted PC

YupTools Recover Hard Drive is an excellent tool that can be utilized to backup files from formatted PC. It is designed with strong scanning algorithm that helps in scanning the complete PC hard drive and lets you to backup files from formatted PC in few minutes. YupTools is an outstanding hard drive recovery program that helps even a novice to backup files from formatted PC without facing any difficulty. This wizard has an ability to rescue hard drive files from reformatted, inaccessible and deleted PC hard drive partition very easily in matter of few minutes.

What makes you to format hard drive?

  • Sometimes it is necessary to format hard drive when system freezes and stops responding at any instance because of errors during reformatting or repartitioning process
  • If the hard drive is damaged due to increase number of bad sectors then the files stored in the drive becomes inaccessible. To overcome such causes, you have to format the drive and access files from it
  • You can come up with format errors when hard drive gets corrupted due to any cause. On such instance formatting drive becomes necessary to access drive further
  • Harmful viruses can replicate themselves and can damage the entire structure of hard disk. You have to format the drive to get rid of such deadly viruses

More about YupTools Recover Hard Drive Application

  • YupTools in an outstanding tool that recovers office files, personal folders, media files and others from formatted hard drive
  • Easily helps in recovering data from FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 partitions on computer hard drive
  • Can restore data from USB drives, memory cards, iPods, FireWire drives and removable hard disks after formatting PC hard
  • Compatible with different Windows OS versions to recover formatted files in Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 to retrieve files from formatted drive
  • YupTools supports recovery of more than 300 different types of file along with their unique signatures.
  • Recovery of files can be done easily on different types of partitions including RAID5, RAID1, and RAID0 effectively
  • With the aid of YupTools, you can recover data from formatted USB drive of all famous brands such as SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, HP, Sony etc.

Other Popular Software

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Recovering files from unallocated partition is easy and simple, opt YupTools Recover Hard Drive software and get files from unallocated partition in few simple steps.

RAW File Recovery

RAW Files from formatted CF card recovery is possible with few simple steps using YupTools Recover Hard Drive App. It can also be used for other flash cards for recovering all types of files in few clicks.

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