Formatted Hard Drive Recovery

There are cases when a hard drive becomes inaccessible and Windows will ask, if you want to format the drive? When a format occurs, unless specific commands are given, the data will be effectively "lost" to the end users like you. This doesn't mean that the data is gone forever and you can't recover it, since technically speaking, the data remains in the same location until the specific sectors containing the data are overwritten with new files. Once the sectors are overwritten, the data is usually unrecoverable at that point.

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Warning: If you have accidentally formatted your hard disk drive, DO NOT utilize the drive any further.

In such cases, seek the help of a professional data recovery software immediately to retrieve formatted hard drive data. When you go for searching you'll get plenty of hard drive recovering tools and will be quite difficult to select the good one. So here is an excellent and professional restoring application named as YupTools Recover Hard Drive which can be used for recovering formatted hard drive files effortlessly. As it has:

  • Free Demo version, for your extra convenience. Try this, before purchasing the licensed one
  • Facilitates “Preview” option to see restored files
  • Retrieved data can be viewed either in “File Type View” or “Data Type View”
  • “Save Recovery Session” option to avoid rescanning of the drive

You can use YupTools Hard Drive Recovery Tool to get back videos, audio files, images, documents, emails, and many others from internal hard disk and also from external storage devices as well in a short interval of time on Windows platform. Some of the hard drive disk formatting reasons are mentioned below.

Hard Drive Formatting Scenarios:

  • Sometimes your computer might not start due to virus attacks or some other changes in configuration, chances are that the system won’t start up or boot because the Operating System cannot be loaded. In these circumstances, the computer restarts while opening the Windows screen or even refuses to go further than the DOS screen. Formatting the hard drive or the computer is the only way to recover it in a working condition.
  • Sometimes, your computer will show a black screen while starting and it will not load the Operating system. In this cae, the only option left before you is to format the HDD.
  • Sometimes the computer might be filled with a lot of temporary files that are hard to locate and delete. In this case, formatting the hard disk might be the easy way out to get a usable system
  • Downloading cryptic files over the internet, or using flash drives that they have not been virus checked, or connecting to a public network without any security, will make you in trouble and finally you may have to format hard drive to get rid from these kinds of problems
  • You may go for formatting hard disk drive, if your computer is running very slow. Formatting can definitely speed up your system, but you will end up losing complete data stored in it after format

Striking Features of YupTools Recover Hard Drive Application:

  • Quick formatted hard drive recovery software, consumes very less times to scan entire disk and restores files
  • Powerful and Excellent scanning and search engine mechanism, that will recover formatted disk files easily.
  • It can also recover deleted/ lost/ damaged /reformatted hard disk data
  • You can restore Toshiba Canvio data using YupTools program with ease
  • Works on read-only mode, it does not alter the original content of the files while retrieving
  • Separate the recovered files on the basis of its file name, file types and file size
  • After formatted hard disk retrieving process, retrieved data can be preserved in the desired location of host computer, to other external storage devices or CDs/DVDs

Steps to Restore Formatted Hard Drive:

Please follow these steps for restoring data from hard drive that has been formatted on Windows Operating System:

  • Download and Install YupTools Recover Hard Drive application
  • Connect the Hard Disk
  • Select your disk from the list
  • Software will start scanning process
  • Wait...
  • A list of recovered files will be displayed, view using “Preview” option
  • On completion of unformat hard drive process, save the retrieved data from formatted hard drive using “Save” option.

Caution: Before you format, back up all essential hard disk data.

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