Recover Data from Mobile Memory Card

In this technical world, many people tend to spend their time with mobile phones. You can get entertainment in the way of enjoying music, capture photos, make video clips, record audio, etc with the help of mobile phones. All these files get stored in memory card of the mobile. You can also use this mobile memory card to keep all backup of important files. As it is a portable device, it is easy for you to carry backup files and use it according to your requirement.

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For some people working on mobile devices seems to be a kind of inconvenience and they do commit a mistake of deleting important files by careless operations. Later regret for the faults after losing their precious files from mobile memory card. Now what will you do after losing files from mobile memory card? Do you know the exact method of recovering data from mobile memory card? Well, you get an ultimate answer for all these issues if you use a relevant third party data recovery software.

Mobile memory card data recovery software

YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery Software is one such application that helps to recover data from mobile memory card with ease. It is designed with such an updated and strong algorithm that scans the memory card of the mobile thoroughly and recovers data quickly. YupTools Software is free from harmful viruses and hence you need not to get bothered about the virus intrusion while downloading it into your PC. Also it works on read only mode while restoring data from mobile memory card.

Scenarios for data loss from mobile memory card:

  • One main reason for file deletion on mobile memory card is virus infection. Sometimes you might experience a situation like it shows nothing when you try to access files from mobile memory card. Instead it pops up the message stating that “card not formatted, do you want to format now?” If you format memory card then it deletes all the files stored in it
  • Assume that file transfer operation is processing between mobile memory card and computer hard drive. Any kind of disturbance like system shut down or power failure takes place then the transfer process gets cancelled and you lose files from memory card
  • When you make use of same memory card of mobile on different electronic gadgets then it leads to loss of files preserved on it
  • Connecting mobile memory card to any virus infected computer damages its file system and all the files stored in it turns into inaccessible state
  • If you take off the memory card without switching off the mobile phone then it leads to loss of files preserved on it

More about YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery Program:

  • You can use YupTools to retrieve files from various memory cards like SD, SDHC, micro SD, mini SD,SDXC, xD, etc that are used on mobile phones
  • Helps to restore files from other gadgets like digital cameras, MP3 players, USB flash drives, FireWire drives, memory stick, etc.
  • You can even easily recover photos and videos deleted/lost from GoPro with the help of this YupTools program
  • Has an ability to rescue pictures, audios, videos, songs and other media files from mobile memory card
  • YupTools helps you with recovery of RAW images from the digital cameras
  • All the recovered media files can be well organized on the basis of name, size and date of creation
  • Use “Find” option to search for the particular file
  • If you want to evaluate the recovered results, “Preview” option is available with this software

Important tips to be followed:

  • It is recommended to keep a backup of important files from mobile memory card on multiple data storage devices
  • Only make use of good antivirus application to scan mobile memory card that is infected by viruses
  • Never connect your mobile phone memory card to different electronic gadgets

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