Restore Files from Samsung Pro microSD Card

Losing data has never been a pleasant experience. At least, not from microSD card in which many videos, photos, and other media files are stored. I happened to go through a situation where I accidentally formatted my Samsung Pro microSD card. All the files present in it got erased. To make things worse, I didn’t even have a backup of the files.

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My search for solutions to get back lost files from Samsung Pro microSD card were endless! It was then that I happened to come across YupTools Photo Recovery tool. This software easily restored all the files erased from the microSD card. The steps are also quite simple and in just few minutes, my files were back. Moreover, the application comes with a user-friendly interface which makes the recovery process easy even for a new user.

Retrieve Samsung Pro microSD Card Data:

YupTools Photo Recovery software will thoroughly scan the entire Samsung Pro microSD card to find and recover erased files from it. Whether files are deleted or lost from the card, the application restores the files in few steps. It will recover files from Sony memory stick, Kingston memory card, Lexar pen drive, SanDisk USB flash drive, and many other flash drives and memory cards. Moreover, you have the option to preview the recovered files prior to recovering them. Also, the recovered data can be sorted based on file name, date, size, and file type.

Steps to Recover Files from Samsung Pro microSD Card:

  • Download and Install YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery software on your computer
  • Connect Samsung Pro microSD card to the system via card reader / cable
  • Run the software, select “Recover Photos” option in the main screen, and then choose “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option depending on the data loss situation
  • Select Samsung Pro microSD card from the list of drives displayed, and click “Next”
  • After completion of recovery process, a list of recovered files will be displayed
  • View them using “Preview” option and save the files using “Save” option

Let’s see few instances of losing data from Samsung Pro microSD card:

  • Deleting files accidentally from Samsung Pro microSD card
  • Formatting the card by mistake
  • Interruptions when files are in transfer between card and system
  • MicroSD card corruption
  • Abruptly ejecting the media card from the system when files are in transfer

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