Restore Winait Digital Camcorder Data

Quickly restore deleted or lost photos and videos from Winait digital camcorder!! YupTools Photo Recovery software will get back files even from other camera and camcorder brands with ease!

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While browsing through the videos shot on Winait digital camcorder, you press the Delete All button accidentally. This leads to all the videos getting deleted from the camcorder. You are completely shocked and wonder if you can get back your favorite video files. To add to the pain, you did not even backup those files in any another storage device.

Is it possible to recover files from Winait digital camcorder?

Deleting pictures or videos accidentally from digital camcorder / camera is one of the most common mistakes users commit. But, this does not necessarily mean that you have lost your files permanently. Data still resides on the camera’s memory card itself. So if you are wondering how to recover deleted videos from camcorder, then use YupTools Photo Recovery software.

Retrieve Files from Winait Digital Camcorder:

YupTools Photo Recovery tool deeply scans the entire memory card of Winait digital camcorder to get back deleted or missing files from it. Videos and photos deleted accidentally, erased after format, etc., will be recovered in just a short while. The software also supports recovery of erased or lost RAW files from many different brands of digital cameras and camcorders.

Camera brands supported – Canon, Samsung, Nikon, GoPro, Olympus, Sony, Panasonic, Kodak, to name a few.

Steps to Recover Videos and Photos from Winait Camcorder:

  • Download the software on your system
  • Next, install the application. Connect Winait camcorder’s memory card to the system and launch the software.
  • From the main screen, select Recover Photos option and in the next screen, choose between Recover Deleted Photos and Recover Lost Photos option based on the data loss situation
  • Now select Winait memory card drive from the list of accessible drives and hit on Next to initiate scanning
  • After completion of scanning, preview the recovered files and save them on a location of your choice

Note: When files are deleted or lost from digital camcorder / camera, stop using its memory card until recovery is performed.

Now let’s look at a few reasons behind losing files from digital camcorder –

  • Accidentally formatting the camcorder’s memory card
  • Digital camcorder card corruption
  • Abruptly ejecting camera memory card from the system when files are in transfer
  • Switching off the camcorder while shooting videos, etc.

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