USB Drive Deleted Files Recovery

Many of you get panic after deleting essential files from USB drive. Real tension will increase when you don’t have the backup of those files. You might start searching file recovery tools. Though you get plenty of applications available but how can you trust such tools? Well, we understand your situation, no need to be worried about deleted files and lose heart.

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Here is a Solution to restore deleted files from USB hard drive…

Did you know?

Files/photos/videos/audio/movies or other documents deleted from USB drive is not actually erased permanently from that particular disk. The deleted/erased data will still be present in the same place as far as the drive is not overwritten with new files. These files will not be visible after deletion, but with the help of digital recovery program one can easily get back deleted files from USB flash drive in just a couple of minutes.

USB Drive Deleted Files Recovery Software:

YupTools Deleted File Recovery is one of the most popular and well known deleted file recovery tool available in the market. Till now it has satisfied million customers across the globe. Utility is designed with simple interface, so that even a person with no technical knowledge can easily utilize it for recovering deleted usb files with utmost ease.

  • Software Versions- Offers Demo and Full versions software, with demo version you can view recovered files whereas with the licensed version you can view and save retrieved files as well
  • File Formats & Devices- Supports various file formats recovery and storage devices
  • View- Facilitated with “Preview” option to view recovered USB disk drive files
  • Non-destructive Tool- Doesn’t modify the original content/quality of the files while recovering
  • Windows OS Versions- Compatible to recover data from Windows Server 2008, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Win 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003

File Deletion Factors:

Accidental Deletions:

  • Unknowingly erasing/removing files from USB drive is common
  • Deleting files using “Shift + Delete” combination keys will remove selected files permanently from the system/drive
  • Emptying Windows Recycle Bin folder

Formatting Issues:

  • Frequently formatting storage devices when it displays any error messages while accessing
  • Hitting on format button

Power Surge: Any power outrage while transferring files from one drive to another may sometimes interrupt the transfer process due to which you may have to lose files

Virus Infection:

  • Files easily get infected and will not be accessed
  • Using external drives on multiple systems may infected files

Ejection: Abrupt removal of the usb drive from the system may sometimes results in deletion of files

And More…

There can be several causes for deletion of files from Usb drive other than above stated. Any day if you come across such situations, make use of YupTools Deleted File Recovery Tool and find deleted files from usb in a couple of minutes.

YupTools File Recovery Software Features:

USB file recovery wizard works very quickly and most easiest way to recover erased files from usb drive. It recovers various types of files such as images, music, videos, movies, and other documents with different file formats successfully. YupTools Recover Deleted Files Software not only retrieves deleted files form USB, but also help in restoring deleted or missing files from other storage devices like external hard disks, memory cards, digital cameras, fire wire drives and many more. Preview option help you analyse the efficiency and working of the software.

Steps to Retrieve Deleted Files from USB Drive:

  • From the above given buttons download YupTools Recover Deleted Files software on you Windows system
  • Connect your USB drive to the software installed PC/laptops
  • Click on “Recover Files” option and then select “Recover Deleted Files” option to restore files from USB flash drive
  • Now on the third screen, choose USB disk and click on “Next” option to start deleted file recovery process
  • Wait for a couple of minutes once the process is completed you will be able to view the recovered files using “Preview” option
  • Store retrieved usb files on any storage devices (internal/external hard disks) by hitting on “Save” button

Take Care Of These…

  • Carefully eject the USB drive from the connected system
  • Avoid virus infection by updating Antivirus software

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