YupTools Recover Deleted Files

  • Undelete files efficiently
  • Safely scans storage devices in few minutes
  • All types of files can be recovered, and store them on any desired location
  • Quick file recovery, even if it is emptied from Recycle Bin
  • Support for Windows 10 is available
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Accidentally Deleted or Lost files?

Need those files back? No Problem – YupTools Recover Deleted File Tool will help you to recover deleted files from Windows computer, Recycle Bin, Flash Cards, USB Flash Drives, iPods, Digital Cameras, and many other storage devices in a short interval of time.

File Deletion Problems

  • Accidental Deletion: Updating, editing, saving or deleting files are very common activities and you do it almost everyday. No wonder if you unintentionally delete important files instead of removing unwanted one. This is found quite natural, it is not even considered as real risk of losing files any more

  • Emptying Recycle Bin: Generally files get deleted from Windows Recycle Bin when you empty it without checking whether you need those files again or not. If you empty Recycle Bin on Windows without restoring necessary files, then all data stored in it will be removed permanently

  • Malware: It can run rampant on any storage devices and start deleting files. Other malware like malicious viruses can cause files to disappear because when they try to rewrite a file during the infection process thay may cause write errors that corrupts the files, which makes you delete such files forcefully

  • Files Bypassing Recycle Bin: If you use “Shift + Delete” combination keys to delete any files from your system, then those files will vomit Recycle Bin and files get erased permanently. Sometimes when the file size limit gets exceed some of the files get bypassed due to lack of storage space in Recycle Bin. As a result of this, the files will be deleted permanently bypassing Windows Recycle Bin

What happens when Files are Deleted?

Did You Know, your files are not really gone forever...! Yes! You heard right! When a file gets “deleted / erased” due to any reasons (like above stated), the file doesn't go anywhere the space will gets marked as unused, so that you can store new data. Anything you save from that point, new data get stored where that file was, will potentially overwrite one or more deleted files. So YupTools Recover Deleted Files is the complete solution on how to recover deleted files on Windows without losing data. Just Download it now!!!

Get Everything!!

YupTools Recover Deleted File meets the growing demand of PC users. It offers reliable solution to all kind of data loss reasons. By using this deleted file recovery software, one can get back different types of files like Image files, Videos, Documents, Audio Files, RAW images, Email folder, and many more...

Faster scanning technique with simple and adaptable GUI(Graphical User Interface) can retrieve deleted files with complete folder structure. Works very well on all versions of Windows Operating System (Refer Software Requirements section)

Chances of Recovery: The less you use your machine, the better are your chances of recovering deleted files. Saving new files after erasing the files should be avoided as much as possible. As it increases the chances of file overwriting.

By following few easy steps, you can effortlessly restore deleted files and continue to work on it as before!! Don't just think, hurry up and Download the software to recover erased files before it's too late...

Steps for Retrieving Deleted Files using YupTools:

  • Install and Run the YupTools Recover Deleted Files Application
  • Select "Recover Files" option out of three
  • Click on "Recover Deleted Files" in second screen
  • Software will display available hard drives (including externally connected disk), select the particular drive from were you need to perform deleted file recovery process
  • List of recovered files will be displayed. View restored data using "Preview" option
  • Store the retrieved files using "Save" option
  • Save option will be available only in the complete version of YupTools

System Requirements:

Operating Systems –  Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012

File systems – NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, FAT32, FAT16

RAM– 1GB Recommended

Free Disk Space – 50 MB free space for successful installation

Hard Disk Interface Types – SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc.

Word of Advise:

  • Making regular backup of your data will help you
  • Use result oriented Antivirus Software to avoid virus infection
  • Take care while ejecting externally connected devices


Select appropriate option
Select Drive
Recovered Files
Preview Recovered Files

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