Personal Files Recovery on Windows 10

You must have already upgraded to Windows 10 or planning to do that… right? But hold on! Like all other operating systems, Windows 10 has also some issues regarding loss of personal files. Here we have put up some considerable risks involved with losing of personal files on Windows 10

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Windows 10 Upgrade

One of the biggest problems with Windows 10 upgrade is fear of losing personal files. Actually, Microsoft has retired some programs like Windows media centre, games, etc, which will be responsible for losing bulk of files associated with those programs. In addition to this, the files stored on ‘My Documents’ and ‘Desktop’ will also be erased after Windows 10 upgrade.

Note: Always backup important files before Windows 10 upgrade

Human Errors

Human errors like mistakenly selecting and deleting some personal files using SHIFT + DELETE keys, improper use of cut-paste commend, unintentional format of Windows 10 storage drive, mistakenly emptying the Recycle Bin, etc would all results in loss of personal files from Windows 10.

Virus/Malware Infections

Dreadful viruses hailing from unauthorized downloaded programs on Windows 10 sometimes affect the area where your personal files are stored on storage drive, which will results in file loss situation.

However, you can find and restore your personal files on Windows 10 that haven’t been overwritten using YupTools Recover Deleted File Software.

YupTools Recover Deleted File – Simple, Professional and a Real time previewer App to Recover Windows 10 Personal Files

YupTools Recover Deleted File Application can efficiently handle any type of personal files loss scenarios and recover them from Windows 10 without altering the original quality. As Windows 10 OS has been launched recently, not all recovery programs supports for the personal files recovery on Windows 10. YupTools Recover Deleted File Program is advanced and useful utility that helps you get rid of all problems after file loss and retrieve personal files. It also recovers deleted files from Recycle Bin, files bypassed from Recycle Bin, etc. The toolkit allows you to recover various types of files from different internal and external storage devices. No matter which file system (NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, FAT32, and FAT16) is present on Windows 10 hard drive, the app will get back deleted or lost personal files.

Steps to be carried out for Recovering Personal Files on Windows 10

Follow steps below to perform personal files recovery from Windows 10 system:

Step 1:Start Scanning

Download and Install the tool on Windows 10 PC. After launching it, you will be offered various modules that targets different types of recovery. Select ‘Recover Files’ option. Choose the appropriate option among the two full fetched options like “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. Further, you have to choose the drive from which you want to restore personal files. Scanning will begin immediately and you can see the live status at progress bar.

Step 2:Preview before Recovery

Normally, scanning takes considerable amount of time, depending upon the size of your drive and the stored data. After completing the scan, you can see all the recovered personal files. You can select the files available in the list and preview the content. You can perform desired file search using its name, extensions, date modified or size.

Step 3:Save the Retrieved Lost Files

Finally, save the recovered personal on any desired location or any Windows accessible storage device. Additionally, you will also get the option to compress the restored files so that you can save the disk space.

YupTools Recover Deleted File Recovery Program brings unique features to protect your important files. However, data loss is certainly unavoidable and happens either sooner or later. Only you can do is either protect yourself from being caught in similar situations by creating backup or use reliable tools that can offer successful recovery results.

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