How to Recover Files that are Deleted from Recycle Bin

Emptied your recycle bin? Don't worry, use YupTools to recover files deleted from the recycle bin. Whether it is Word dodument, Excel sheet or a PDF, all documents along with photos can be recovered using the software. Works with all versions of Windows including Windows 10. Download a free trial today!

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Microsoft has created ‘recycle bin’ for a very important reason. This folder called Recycle bin provides an option to restore files in case you change your mind after deleting a file. But what if you want to restore some files from the recycle bin that you have just cleared? Is it still possible to recover these files?

Yes it is certainly possible to recover files emptied from the recycle bin using YupTools file recovery software. This is possible because of the fact that a deleted file is never really deleted from your system. Only the addresses to that file are deleted and the respective file will be marked with a deleted tag.

How YupTools file recovery works?

What YupTools does is it scans your drive for files with a deleted tag on them. Once it finds the files, they will be recovered without any change to the original data. In addition to recovering files from that are cleared from the recycle bin, YupTools can also be used to recover Shift Deleted files or files that are lost during Cut and Paste operations and other reasons.

Using YupTools, files of various formats like Excel files, Word documents, PPT’s, photos, videos etc. can be recovered. In addition to this, YupTools offers several other advantages described as follows.

  • Ability to recover files from other storage devices like external hard drives, USB devices, SD cards etc. in addition to recovery from your systems
  • Supports all file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS etc.
  • Supports all Windows OS versions like Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista
  • Also supports recovery from Mac devices through a YupTools Mac version

Procedure to recover files deleted from recycle bin

Step 1. Download YupTools file recovery software on your computer and install it

Step 2. In the main screen, select Recover Files

Step 3. Then select Recover Deleted Files to recover deleted files. If you are using the software to recover lost files, then select Recover Lost Files

Step 4. Next select the drive from which files were deleted; in this case since it is the recycle bin, you may have to select C: drive

Step 5. Allow the software to scan the selected drive and display all available files

Step 6. Then select the files you wish to recover and save them

Note: Please save recovered data in a location different from where you have installed the software.

Precautions to avoid deletion of files

  • Have multiple copies of your important files in different storage devices
  • Cross check each and every file before deleting
  • Verify Recycle Bin before empting it
  • Avoid using the drive/system in which you have encountered data loss until you are ready to download YupTools and recover data

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