Restore Deleted or Lost PDF Files

PDF is a Portable document Format. It is one of the most preferred method of documentation. It provides a good security with read only documents. You can make any sort of changes in this PDF files without leaving electronic footprints. You can compact PDF files and make them ideal for transferring through internet with ease. Also you can view this PDF files through different platforms like Mac and UNIX.

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Advantages and issues with PDF files:

Foremost advantage of PDF is that it preserves all fonts, graphics, formatting and color of any source document, irrespective which application and platform is being used to create it. As a result of this PDF files are widely used and get renowned very fast. And at the same time, PSD file loss issue also became a prominent issue. Although you are cautious about this PDF file loss issue, sometimes a disaster appears where you might end up with loss of PDF files from storage drives.

How to solve PDF file loss problem?

You can overcome PDF file deletion or loss issue with the aid of powerful file recovery software. One such tool is YupTools Recover Deleted Files Application. YupTool is trustworthy and well-designed program which has been rated as one of the best and the faster PDF file recovery software. It is an advanced data recovery tool which is developed under the guidance of great file recovery specialists to recover PDF file. YupTools Deleted File Recovery Tool make use of comprehensive search method that searches complete drive and recovers PDF files with ease.

More information about YupTools Recover Deleted Files Program:

  • YupTools is built with advanced scanning algorithms. No matter from which device you lost PDF file, this utility scans the device completely and recovers PDF file quickly
  • Support recovery of PDF files on Windows partition having different file system formats like FAT 16, FAT 32 and versions of NTFS, etc.
  • Has easy user friendly interface. Hence you need not to be an expert to restore PDF file, even a layman can understand its few simple steps and retrieve lost PDF file
  • If you are in need of accidentally deleted Excel files then you can opt for this tool because YupTools is successful in recovering deleted Excel file with ease
  • YupTools Software is available with free demo version. You can make use of it and check the performance of this tool. Once you get satisfied with its result then you can opt for the full version of this software and save recovered PDF file at desired location
  • PDF file recovery can be done with various Microsoft Windows platform like Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

What are the causes for loss/deletion of PDF files?

  • Emptied Windows Recycle Bin folder or if you remove PDF file with Shift+Delete keys then its relevant file allocation tables and entries will get deleted from computer file system
  • Switching off computer abruptly while you are working on PDF file
  • Virus intrusion on drive where PDF file is stored
  • Interruptions while PDF files are copying from one drive to other
  • Usage of unapproved third party software

Still you can find various reasons for loss/deletion of PDF files. On using YupTool Deleted File Recovery Program you can easily get rid of all these issues in few clicks.

Simple steps to be followed to recover PDF file:

  • Download and launch YupTools Recover Deleted Files software in your Windows computer
  • You get a main screen with three options "Recover Files", "Recover Photos" aand "Recover Drives". Choose “Recover Files” from this
  • Next you have to choose either for “Recover Lost Files” or “Recover Deleted Files” according to PDF file loss or deletion situation
  • Select the drive from which PDF file is lost and hit on “Next” option
  • Scanning process gets executed and displays all recovered files
  • YYou can view recovered data using "Data Type View" option and "File Type View" option
  • Use "Preview" option to verify restored PDF file
  • If you want to save retrieved PDF file then get its full licensed version

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