Retrieve Files Deleted from Dropbox

“I mistakenly deleted a large number of files from my dropbox folder. How do I recover deleted dropbox files? Does anyone have idea on recovering process? Because it’s been more than 30 days passed, so I want to know if anyone could guide me on how to restore files deleted from dropbox without losing a piece of data. I am really in a need of those files, looking forward for your replies…”

Downloadrecover deleted dropbox files Buy NowRestoring Deleted Files from Dropbox

Any files deleted from Dropbox in the last 30 days can be recovered easily without any fuss. You can even access older version of files of you if someone has edited and shared. As everyone is familiar with Dropbox, it offers an excellent way of syncing files across Computers, Laptops and many devices. It is quite popular and independent cloud service among other applications. When you want to share any files like PDFs, videos, movies, photos are previewed in the browser by making your life even easier.

How the file from dropbox is deleted and how it can be recovered

When you download and install Dropbox on your computer, it will create a folder in your system with the name dropbox and you then sign-in into your dropbox app. Files which you add to the Dropbox folder will be synced in the Cloud Service. But what if, knowingly or unknowingly you delete a file or set of files/folder from your Computer dropbox? Files will be deleted from Cloud too. Still you need not to worry as Dropbox will assist you to retrieve files deleted from dropbox but in the last 30 days only.

What if it exceeds 30 days? Recovering files is quite difficult right…But restoring deleted files older than 30 days from Dropbox is possible with the help of YupTools Recover Deleted Files Software!!


It is important to note that, Dropbox doesn’t delete or modify any files you store in Dropbox cloud. It only monitors the changes made to your files from your home directory and it sync those files to Cloud even if you exceed the storage limit of Dropbox only the syncing will be stopped. If you don’t find your file/files in your Dropbox folder, then the reason might be you carelessness, faults in your linked computer.

Causes for Deletion or Loss of Files from Dropbox

  • Files from Dropbox may go missing or sometimes deleted due to the presence of bad sectors in the hard drive
  • Antivirus program may sometimes delete or block access to file
  • Intentional deletion of files thinking that it is no longer needed

There can be various reasons behind deletion of files as the Dropbox folder is just like the normal folders in your Computer hard drive, but no worries this software will guide you completely on how to recover files deleted on Computer from Dropbox regardless of any reasons with ease.

YupTools Recover Deleted Files Software Functionalities

  • Fast recovery of deleted files and folders on different versions of Windows Operating System like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2012, Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003
  • Easily restore files from USB drives, FireWire drives, Memory Sticks, Digital Cameras, external hard drives, and many more
  • YupTools Recovery Software even help to get back files after emptying Windows Recycle Bin and even after formatting / reformatting, repartitioning hard drives
  • Using YupTools File Recovery Tool you can even recover deleted games on Xbox 360 device easily
  • Recovered files can be categorized on the basis of file name, file type, file size and date
  • You can even check the retrieved files using “Preview” option
  • “Save Recovery Session” option will help you stop and restart recovery process anytime

Steps for Retrieving Deleted Files from Dropbox

  • Download and install YupTools Recover Deleted Files demo version on your Windows computer
  • In the first screen select “Recover Files” option, then go to next page
  • Now select “Recover Deleted Files” option
  • Next screen will display list of available drives, select the drive where your Dropbox folder is located and click on “Next” option
  • Software will start to scan the selected drive and recovery process
  • Once the recovery process is completed, you can see deleted files back!
  • If you’re happy with the recovery results obtained using demo version, then you can purchase the software and store recovered files using “Save” option

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