Simple Methods to Restore Deleted Boot.ini File

Boot.ini file has boot options for the NT based Operating System. You will find the boot.ini file in root directory of your primary hard drive. It is created when Windows OS is installed. If you delete this file from your Windows OS, then you may receive an error message stating that c:\boot.ini.file is missing from your Windows. But, no worries, you can get that file easily, if you delete it accidentally. Thinking, how? Well! here are the methods for recovering deleted boot.ini file.

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Method #1: Look for Backup

  • Search for older backup, if you have any
  • Look for BOOT.BAK or similar type of file
  • When you find BOOT.BAK, rename it to boot.ini
  • Place this file in the root directory of C drive

This is one way of getting deleted boot.ini file back. If you don’t have any backup and failed to find BOOT.BAK, then go for the second method.

Method #2: Get from Another Computer

If you have another computer having similar OS as the computer having problems, then boot.ini from it. And adjust the path of to point to your installation of Windows. If it doesn’t solve your issue, then try the next method.

Method #3: Professional Data Recovery Software

If you failed to get back your Boot.ini file from any of the above-mentioned technique, then use an advanced File Recovery tool like YupTools Recover Deleted Files Software and restore deleted boot.ini file in few simple steps. You need to follow few simple steps to recover deleted Boot.ini file.

Step by Step Guide on How to Recover Deleted Boot.ini File: -

Step 1: Download YupTools Deleted File Recovery software by clicking on download button

Step 2: Install and run the software to recover deleted file

Step 3: Then select “Recover Files” option followed by “Recover Deleted Files” option

Step 4: The software scans and displays accessible and available drives present on software, including external drives

Step 5: Select the primary hard drive of your computer on which file has been deleted and click on “Next” option

Step 6: The tool will start scanning and searching for the deleted files from the selected drive and shows recovered files after completion of scanning process

Step 7: Select and view files using “Preview” option and store them on any accessible drive using “Save” option.

Know More About YupTools Deleted File Recovery Software:

The software also helps in recovering different kinds of files, such as Office files, compressed files, media files from any storage devices like memory card, pen drive, external hard drive, and many more. Further, it supports deleted and lost file recovery from FAT, NTFS, and exFAT file systems. Moreover, one can use this data recovery tool to recover files emptied from Recycle Bin. The software also supports file recovery from formatted drives. If you need any clarification regarding software installation or data recovery process, then contact the technical support team. They are available for round the clock to assist you.

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