Recover Password Protected Files

When your password protected files are lost or disappeared from your storage device (it may be computer or external hard disk or pen drive or some other storage), try these solutions and get back those files. If you don’t have backup, make use of YupTools Recover Deleted File Software and restore password protected files in easy steps.

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Restore from a backup!

When you don’t find password protected files or you have accidentally deleted them, consider recovering those files from previous backup. Open your backup data and search if it contains the files you are looking for. If you don’t get the files, then download YupTools Recover Deleted File Software and try to restore password protected files.

Some of the reasons that cause loss of password protected files are

  • Unintentionally deleting password protected files while previewing or erasing other files
  • Formatting of hard drive partition will erase all the information saved on it including the password protected files
  • You may end up losing your password protected files if your external storage drives in which files are stored gets infected with virus
  • Sudden loss of power when the user is working on his password protected files causes file loss
  • Hard drive failure or system crash, both of which happen all of sudden create loss of files that are opened to carry out task
  • Use of unreliable third party application may also lead to loss of password protected files from your computer
  • Shift deleted files are lost permanently from hard disk as they bypass the Recycle Bin folder

Software to restore your password protected files

YupTools Recover Deleted File Tool that can perform all the operations which are related in recovering back the password protected files that have been lost or deleted due to various reasons that are mentioned above. In addition to password protected files, this software can retrieve deleted or lost encrypted excel sheets, PPT files, compressed files and so on. This utility works by scanning the selected partition where the password protected files were located. It easily extracts the contents, lists them in Data View or File Type View as desired by the user. Data View provides the view of data in the respective folder format and File Type View provides the view of recovered files according to their given signatures. The different file types that can be supported by this application are PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX, EXCEL, MDB, RAR, ZIP, PST, DBX and many others which are secured with passwords.

“If you are looking to recover lost documents and media files after system restore, then this YupTools Recover Deleted File Application is an ideal one.”

Steps to recover your password protected files

  • Download and install YupTools Recover Deleted File Software tool in the system by logging as local system administrator
  • Connect the device containing files to be recovered to the software installed computer
  • Launch the tool with the help of shortcut icon that is placed in the desktop
  • Follow onscreen instructions that are provided in main screen of recovery product
  • Deleted File Recovery and Lost File Recovery options are present; you’ll have to select “Lost File Recovery” option
  • In the Next window, the list of drives that are present in the system are provided. Select the partition from where the password protected files are missing
  • Now click on the Next button that will begin the scanning process
  • Once the scanning process gets completed the restored files are listed
  • Save retrieved password protected data to respective location as available to the user

Useful tips

  • Never save the recovered files to the same location from where it got deleted or lost
  • Always keep your antivirus program updated to prevent file loss
  • Keep backup of data on external drives and have it updated regularly

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