How to Recover Files Lost During Cut and Paste?

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We often use shortcut keys to finish up our works swiftly. Cut (CTRL+X) and paste (CTRL+V) are the most commonly used ones among all keyboard shortcuts.

But, while cutting and pasting some files on the computer, users might end up in losing the file being transferred. Situations which could be encountered while using shortcut keys to copy and paste files that lead to data loss are plenty. And, few major reasons for loss of cut-paste files are listed here.

Causes for Data Loss During Cut and Paste Operation:

  • Power failure, sudden system shut down, sudden system restart etc. are the major causes for file loss in cut-paste process
  • Abruptly removing external storage drives like USB flash drives, pen drives etc. while transferring files to system or vice versa (i.e. ejecting drive when cut-paste is in progress)
  • Hardware failure, deleting files from source location before they pasted to the destination, formatting the device from where files are being copied etc. are some of the prominent reasons for the loss of files after cut-paste.

It is likely to lose files during the cut and paste transfer, but it is not impossible to recover cut paste files.

In order to restore cut paste files first, you should stop using the drive/device from where files are cut. If you add any new file or use the drive space further after losing cut files, then the cut files will get overwritten.

Once, you stopped using the drive, the next thing you need to do is recover cut paste files using a professional data recovery software such as YupTools File Recovery.

Why YupTools to Recover Lost Files in Cut and Paste Transfer?

This is the best and reliable recovery software, whilst being easy to use as it has a handy user interface. It helps to recover all sorts of files like image, RAW picture, audio, music, video, Office documents, PDF files, Photoshop files and more. It is even compatible with all storage devices like memory card, flash drive, external hard drive, internal drive so you can effortlessly recover deleted files from USB, HDD, SD card after cut and paste process. It even offers a free trial edition, so that you can try it, judge its ability and purchase the licensed edition only if you are content with the outcome. If you know the format of lost files, then you can search just those file types with help of Signature Search option; it saves your time. Once after scanning the drive, you can preview restored files to verify the recovery process. The software helps to recover files lost in cut and paste on Windows systems of any version like 10/8/7 etc.

Steps to Recover Files Lost in Cut and Paste Transfer:

  • Download and install YupTools Recover Deleted Files software on your system (not on the drive, contains cut files)
  • Connect external drive to the software installed system via USB (if files are lost from external storage device)
  • Run the tool and select Recover Files option first. Next, click on Recover Deleted Files button to restore cut paste files
  • Next, select the drive from where you cut files
  • The tool scans the drive, once the process is completed you will get two view types
  • Switch to your preferred view and Preview files
  • Save retrieved cut files on new storage devices/location

Pay Attention!!

  • It is suggested to use Copy and Paste technique instead of Cut and Paste to avoid data loss
  • Always backup important files onto a safe storage location before working on them

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