Windows 7 Backup ZIP Files Recovery

Any Windows Backup and Restore option backs up the files by making numerous backup files in a format called ZIP, and then save those files to the selected place, which can be extracted later into their original state. Well, this page is all about how to restore ZIP files that were backed up with the aid of Windows 7 Backup in the instances where you have accidentally deleted them or lost due to some other serious disasters like

  • Improper usage of Cut-Paste operation while moving Windows 7 back up ZIP files from one location to other can cause loss of file scenario
  • When Windows 7 storage has been infected by virus or malwares, you may lose backed up ZIP files
  • Deleting Windows 7 back up ZIP files instead of unwanted files mistakenly also a case of file loss situation
  • Making use of unsecure antivirus program to scan Windows 7 hard drive may erase some data along with backed up ZIP files
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Actually, there are two methods to be used in order to get back Windows 7 backup ZIP files. If the first one doesn’t make any sense, then you can go for the later one.

Method 1: Restore ZIP files from Backup

You can again use Windows 7 Backup and Restore option to recover backed up ZIP files or else you can retrieve ZIP files from the backup if you have maintained any on external storage device.

Method 2: Use of a Proficient File Recovery Tool

YupTools Recover Deleted Files Software – one of the most suggested application by industrial experts for recovering Windows 7 backup ZIP files easily and quickly. It has been basically designed to retrieve deleted or lost files. Here are the steps you need to follow for the retrieval of Window 7 backup ZIP files with the aid of YupTools Recover Deleted File Program.

  • Download and install the application on Windows 7 computer from which you are looking to find backed up ZIP files
  • Now, launch the program by double clicking on the option present on the desktop
  • Welcome screen with three basic options will be displayed. Choose “Recover Files” option
  • Now select “Lost File Recovery” mode from the second screen
  • Provide the drive where you had stored Windows 7 backed up ZIP files
  • Click “Next” to initiate the Windows 7 backup ZIP files recovery process
  • After waiting some time, you will find all the restored files on the screen
  • Mark the required one, preview them using “Preview” option
  • Finally, save them on any desired location

Notable Features of YupTools Recover Deleted Files Wizard

  • Has been designed using intuitive GUI
  • Other than ZIP files, it will recover various kinds of deleted or lost files like documents, PPTs, texts, emails, etc
  • Apart from Windows 7, the toolkit is able to restore lost files from Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and most importantly from Windows 10 also
  • It will also retrieves files from different storage devices
  • It is compatible with all the Windows supported file systems like FAT and NTFS

Things to Keep in Mind

  • As soon as you learn that you have lost files from windows computer, stop using the drive for further use, just to avoid over writing of files
  • Develop a habit of making extra copies of important files on one or more devices
  • Please do install a good antivirus application on your computers
  • Be careful while deleting unwanted stuffs from your computer and cross check the files before deleting them

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