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“HELP HELP…! I am in serious problem. I have downloaded a video file recently with is in DIVX file format. Now I am not able to view that video completely as this file is broken. During downloading, there was bad internet connectivity which might have resulted to incomplete DIVX files. Is there any software application that will repair incomplete DIVX FILES? Please help me in fixing incomplete DIVX files. Thanks in advance”

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Today there are many video files of DIVX format easily available in internet. It is also most popular format widely used all around the world to save video data. Main purpose of this is compact long sequenced videos into small size without losing the image and visual quality. But unluckily these files can be easily corrupted due to various reasons. The factors that cause incomplete DIVX files are as follows

  • CRC Error: When transmitting an DIVX files over internet, there may be change in redundancy bit that may cause introduction of CRC error leading to corrupt DIVX file
  • Codec Issue: DIVX files are stored in different Codec formats. Codec structure can get damaged due to power failure or other interruptions while playing or transferring AVI file, leaving video file in corrupt state
  • Virus attack: DIVX files also may get corrupted or damaged due to harmful virus or malware attack.
  • Third Party Tool: when you use third party tool which is unreliable to edit DIVX file may also lead to incomplete or corrupt file.
  • Other reasons: Other factors such as power surge, Bad sectors, file system corruption  and many more can effect DIVX files

Safety Note:

  • Use appropriate codec to play DIVX video file
  • Always keep regular backup of important DIVX files
  • Do not interrupt while downloading process is going on
  • Install secure antivirus to your system

Why Us?

YupTools Fix AVI Files has the ability to mend incomplete DIVX files within fraction of minutes. This tool is designed in such as way that anyone can use this tool with great comfort. This software application is free from any harmful virus hence installation is very safe. It is compatible with almost all latest version of Windows Operating system. It has very powerful built-in repairing algorithm that can help you in repairing incomplete DIVX files. This tool makes mending incomplete DIVX files very simple and do not alter any original data content.

Unique Features:

  • Ability to fix corrupt or damaged AVI, XVID and DIVX file format that do not play at all.
  • Repaired files can be played on both Windows OS as well as Mac OS.
  • Helps for broken AVI index fix process
  • This software supports mending of files from external storage device, memory cards, USB drives and many more
  • It has the capability to repair and adjoin audio and video data frames alongside.
  • One can view repaired files using “Preview” option

Steps to be followed for YupTools Fix AVI:

  • Download free version of YupTools Fix AVI and Launch it
  • Select corrupted or incomplete DIVX file and click “REPAIR”
  • Quick repairing process will take place.
  • Repaired images can be  viewed using “PREVIEW” option
  • Buy licensed version to save repaired file to any accessible drives.

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