Repair AVI Videos More than 2GB File Size

Sometimes you might be experiencing a situation where you are trying to watch a video that is larger than 2GB which is of AVI format but the video does not play. You may not know how to fix AVI file larger than 2 GB and might give up watching video. You might also face out of sync audio and video if the AVI file is corrupt. Sometimes you might think how to fix AVI file larger than 2GB and you may search for solutions online. May be you will find some of the tools to repair AVI files but the tools might be expensive or the tools might not be secure. But you need to not think how to fix AVI file larger than 2GB as there is a better way to fix AVI file very easily at a cheaper cost. The solution is to use a software called YupTools Fix AVI. It is highly recommended application to resolve all the issues with the AVI file that does not play due to damage or corruption because it repairs the damaged AVI files very quickly.

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Unique features of YupTools Fix AVI are:

  • This application will repair AVI videos that are larger than 2GB on your Windows computer
  • Using this software you can also fix DIVX, XVID file formats
  • Built-in algorithm to scan and mend large damaged AVI files and AVI codec error fix operation can be carried out
  • YupTools Fix AVI has the ability to mend both audio and video issues related to AVI file. Audio and video of AVI file is repaired simultaneously and then joined together after repairing is completed
  • You can save repaired AVI files on any external storage device like pen drive, CD/DVD, USB drive
  • The tool is very secure as it is free from virus and malware. Also YupTools Fix AVI does not alter the contents of original AVI file. It creates a new healthy AVI file
  • It is a user friendly tool as it has a very easy interfaces and hence anyone can understand the software very easily
  • 24*7 guidance related to YupTools Fix AVI

Causes for AVI file damage or corruption:

  • Any error in the AVI codec leads to AVI file corruption
  • System affected with virus damage the AVI file by altering the file. Hence update your system with Antivirus software
  • Using unsupported media player to play a video of AVI file format
  • Downloading video which is of AVI format from unsecured sites over the internet
  • Closing the media player improperly while watching video results in AVI file damage
  • Interruption while transferring AVI files to another system results in corruption of the file

Precautions to be taken to avoid AVI file damage:

  • Download Video of .avi format from trusted and secured sites
  • Do not interrupt the transfer process while transferring files to another system
  • Do not close the application improperly
  • Make sure to maintain a backup copy of the AVI files

You have found a solution for your question how to fix AVI file larger than 2GB but if you are wondering how to fix AVI file larger than 2GB using YupTools Fix AVI, just follow the easy steps given below:

  • Step 1: Install the demo version of YupTools Fix AVI software on your Windows machine
  • Step 2: Select the AVI file that is corrupt or damaged
  • Step 3: This software starts the scanning and repairing process
  • Step 4: Displays the repair results
  • Step 5: Click on preview option to preview results

You can save the repaired AVI files only after purchasing the licensed version of YupTools Fix AVI.

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