Repair Large Sized Corrupted AVI File

There are times when you try to play AVI video but it fails to play. One such occasion is when you tried to play a large AVI video which you had downloaded from the internet, but it failed to play. Trying to play the video on other media players gave no results. Only then do you realize that the AVI file is corrupted. Yes, large sized AVI file can get corrupted and it fails to play on any media player.

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How to Repair Large Sized Corrupted AVI Video?

Huge sized AVI files which are corrupted can be fixed using YupTools Fix AVI software. With its advanced repair algorithms, the application repairs damaged or corrupted AVI files of large size in a safe manner. Moreover, this tool doesn’t alter file contents during the repair process, thus the original file is kept intact. The repaired AVI video can be played on any media player.

Apart from fixing large sized corrupt AVI files, YupTools Fix AVI software also helps to repair incomplete DivX files and XVID files. It fixes broken, inaccessible, unplayable AVI, DivX, and XVID video files in just a short span of time. You also get to preview the repaired file before saving it. Even high-definition videos of .avi format can be fixed easily by this utility.

Guide to Repair Corrupt Large AVI Video File –

  • Download YupTools Fix AVI software on your system, and install it
  • Launch the application, and follow on screen instructions to fix the file
  • Browse to select the corrupt AVI file for fixing and click “Repair” button
  • Once the file is repaired, it can be viewed using “Preview” option
  • Finally, save the fixed AVI file on a location of your choice using the “Save” option

So What Causes Corruption of Huge Sized AVI File?

There are various reasons behind corruption of large sized AVI video files. Some of them are as follows –

  • Codec issues
  • Damage to file header
  • Interruptions while downloading or transferring AVI file
  • Malfunctioning media player
  • Playing AVI video on unsupported media player

Along with these reasons, there could be other causes too for AVI file corruption. However, under all such situations, YupTools AVI Repair software comes handy to fix corrupt, broken, or inaccessible AVI video files in an easy and simple way. The application even supports fixing .avi video with synchronization issues, freezing AVI file, AVI video with blurred video and no sound, and other such issues with AVI files.

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