How to Fix MS Word Template

“Hi myself John Franklin, I am facing lots of problem with Word Templates. When I use template once or twice it frequently gets corrupted. It irritates me a lot and faces difficulties working with Microsoft Word. Please anyone help me to fix MS Word template. Is there any way to mend MS Word template? Recommend a good and secure tool to repair MS Word template.”

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Microsoft Word is word processing software that is developed by Microsoft.  MS Word provides you to save entire documents as default templates. Whenever you open MS Word it gets open automatically. Unluckily templates which have many elements in them are likely to be corrupted easily. There are many general causes which lead to template corruption and some are states as follows:

  • Round Tripping: It is the one of the main causes of document corruption where word file is converted from one format to another and back repeatedly. Thus gives word a nervous breakdown which will lead to file corruption.
  • Word Macro Virus: A Macro virus is like a computer virus. It gets transmitted by the word’s structure and may cause harm to system as well as to your 0files. This can also leads to file corruption.
  • Third Party Add-On: There are many possibilities of Word template corruptions due to third party add on.
  • Other reasons: Other reasons such as sudden power off while working on Word, power surge, improper transferring process and many more.


  • Always maintain back up of important files.
  • Install antivirus to protect your PC from harmful viruses.
  • Use Proper way for transferring Word files.
  • Never terminate your Word document abruptly.

Why YupTools Fix Doc?

YupTools Fix DOC Files is the most intelligent and smart way that will help Word users in fixing MS Word template. It has the capability to even repair corrupt or damaged Word files effortlessly. It is user friendly so that both professional and novice users can use it without any expert’s guidance. It is 100% safe from dangerous external threats thus installation is very secure. It supports all latest versions of Windows 8.1 and Windows server 2008 and 2003. YupTools Fix Doc software has made repairing MS Word template very easy and hassle free.

Salient Features of YupTools Fix Doc

  • It has the Ability to repair DOC and DOCX files with great comforts
  • Repair files which refuses to open due to any kind of corruption
  • Supports recovery of attributes present in Word files such as text, formatting, OLE objects and field including hyperlinks from corrupt Word file.
  • It's a complete solution for people asking how to fix ms Word 2007 documents and also of other Word versions
  • Repaired images can be viewed using “Preview” option.
  • Repaired files can be stored into any accessible drives or external storage device.
  • Its supported version of Microsoft Word is MS Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Steps to follow for YupTools Fix Doc

  • Download demo version of YupTools Fix Doc and launch it in your system.
  • Select corrupt  Word file to be repaired and select “Repair”
  • Quick Scanning and repairing process will take place
  • To save repaired file purchase licensed version

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