Unable to Open Microsoft Word 2007 Document

Hi, I am a software engineer working for MNC Company. Last week I had prepared a project in Microsoft Word 2007 and today I was unable to access it. Now Microsoft Word 2007 document refuses to open and an error message was displayed stating that this file is corrupt and cannot be opened. Please anyone try to help me to get back my file as it is very important to me. Is there any way to retrieve my file without modifying its content?

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Today Microsoft Word is widely used to store many useful important data due to its simplicity and unique features. Even you can use password protection to protect your important Microsoft Word documents. Despite having so many features, Word files are prone to corruption which can lead to data corruption situations. Data corruption scenarios are as follows

  • Macro Virus: Macro infection can infect your Word documents, Word templates or system which may leads to data corruption. If you try to open such MS word 2007 files then you might be unable to access Microsoft word 2007 documents.
  • Corrupt Storage media: if you are copying any Word files from corrupt or damaged storage media or damaged file system, then you may unable to open the word file.
  • Improper closing of Word file:  when you are working on MS Word, suddenly there might be a sudden power failure. This might result into malfunctioning of MS word documents.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Always maintain regular backups of important documents
  • Install secure and reliable antivirus
  • Follow proper procedure to close MS Word file

YupTools Fix Doc – Makes Things Easier

When important Microsoft Word 2007 refuses to open, you might be panic and so many questions arise when you can’t open Microsoft Word 2007 document. Here after do need to worry; here is a solution which will make thing easier and faster. YupTools Fix Word DOC Software helps to mend corrupt or damaged Word files within less time. This tool to fix Doc is free from harmful virus, malware and spyware thus high security details are not misused. Its outlook is designed in such a way that anyone can use this tool with great ease.

Amazing features of YupTools Fix Doc

  • Ability to repair DOC and DOCX files with ease
  • It can also repair files which refuses to open due to any corruption
  • It also recovers elements present in Doc files such as text, formatting, OLE objects and many more
  • It supports all latest versions of Windows Operating Systems including Windows 8.1
  • If your word files is unable to open Office 2007 Docx, then use it and easily fix in few simple steps
  • Repaired images can be viewed using “Preview” option.

Steps to follow for YupTools Fix Doc

  • Download demo version and launch it in your system
  • Select corrupt Doc file to be repaired and select “Repair”
  • Scanning and repairing process will be done within less time
  • Repaired files can be view by “Preview” option
  • To save repaired file purchase licensed version

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