Fix not Playing MOV Video in Movie Maker

“I spent lot of time and finally created .mov video file using Movie maker. But then my system was greatly hit by viruses, so using antivirus program I scanned and removed all viruses. After all these, I thought of playing videos I created using movie maker, I was shocked to see that I can’t play .mov in Windows movie maker. Please can anybody help me to fix not playing mov video in movie maker without any further damage and how do I fix anything related to MOV in movie maker…”

DownloadHow to Repair MOV File not Playing in Windows Movie Maker - YupTools Buy Nowrepair mov file not playing in movie maker

Help yourself by making use of YupTools Fix MOV Repairing Software!

The combination of excellent and result oriented makes YupTools Fix MOV Software which is specially designed and developed for repairing corrupted or damaged MOV file not playing in movie maker regardless of causes for corruption. It hardly consumes less time to repair and fix issues present in .mov video file. Usage of this application will help you get a healthy repaired MOV video back in a working condition in few simple clicks.

Key Features of YupTools Fix MOV:

  • YupTools MOV Repairing Utility can be installed on Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Win 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2012, 2008 and Server 2003
  • Fix corrupted, damaged, inaccessible or unplayable movie maker MOV videos using this efficient tool which holds the ability to fix and repair MOV videos in a short interval of time
  • Large sized MOV file will be fixed using YupTools Fix MOV tool easily. Even if the mov format videos stored in any removable storage devices, you can easily use this program to repair MOV videos on portable drives
  • Highlighting feature of this tool is – it doesn’t modify or alter the original video quality of MOV file while repairing. You MOV video file will be intact after performing repair operation
  • Repaired MOV file can be saved in any of the desired location. It can be either internal hard disk or external hard drives (say SD cards, Memory Sticks, USB drives, etc.)
  • Unplayable recovered MOV videos will also be fixed in a couple of easy steps

Reasons behind MOV video no playing in Movie Maker:

  • Improper editing of the .mov videos may also cause this type of issues
  • Due to virus attack there are many possibilities that MOV file may get corrupted and which makes it unplayable on Windows movie maker
  • If the audio and video is not synched properly while editing using movie maker, then it might results in errors
  • If the movie maker is upgraded from older version to newer version, then sometimes it arises such cases
  • Sometimes it might be due to Codec issues. Unsupported codec will not allow to play .mov video files
  • If your Windows system is upgraded, then sometimes it might not support MOV file which you are willing to play via Movie maker
  • After creating video file and making it in .mov format and then changing its file extension to other format in order to play in different media players might corrupt the video

No matter due to what reason the MOV file is corrupted, you can easily fix and repair corrupt, broken, damaged, or unplayable mov video and you can even repair downloaded movies which is unplayable or corrupt with the help of YupTools Fix MOV Repairing Software. Overall it is a simplified answer for how to repair MOV file not playing in Windows Movie Maker!

Other Benefits:

  • Simple and user friendly graphical user interface, which helps any computer user to easily download and use this tool for fixing not playing MOV video in movie maker
  • 100% safe from external threats like adware, malware and malicious viruses
  • 24/7 technical help will be assisted, contact us anytime and clear your doubts easily via emails and live chat

Important Tips:

  • Always scan your system on regular basis to avoid virus infection
  • Scan your external hard drives before and after connecting to your system
  • Make multiple copies of your favorite videos and files to easily overcome from this type of cases

Steps to Repair unplayable MOV video on Movie Maker:

  • Download and install YupTools Fix MOV Software
  • In case of MOV video repair, you will have to provide a healthy .mov file and then by using “Browse” button you can select not playing MOV file
  • Click on “Repair” option to initiate repairing/fixing process
  • Once the video file is fixed, you can view repaired video using “Preview” option
  • If you’re happy with the repair results, then you can go for purchasing the licensed version for saving fixed video file using “Save” option

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