Fix Unplayable MOV Files on Windows Media Player 11


For the past month I have been trying to fix several MOV files that are unplayable. I am using Windows Media Player 11. I am just looking for the suitable opinion or help in repairing MOV files that are not playing on Windows Media Player 11”

It is very pity to hear your unpleasant experience! But, don’t lose your hopes as the problem could be easily solved with the help of solutions given in this page. Just continue reading…

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Well, it is very clear from the above instance that you are not sure whether the issue is with Windows Media Player or with the MOV video files. So, it is better to check out with both the cases. While the Windows Media Player 11 problems can be resolved by having little technical knowledge, the issues with MOV videos will be fixed with the help of video repair tools. So first, let us learn how to deal issues with Windows Media Player not able to play MOV videos.

Troubleshooting Windows Media Player Problems

Well, there are two possibilities why WMP 11 fails to play MOV videos.

Case 1: If the codecs required to play videos are not installed on the computer! This can be resolved by configuring the Windows Media Player to download codecs automatically. Follow these steps on WMP…

  • Go to Tool menu, choose Options
  • Hit on Player tab, select the Download codecs automatically check box
  • Click on OK and try playing the video. If you are asked to install the codec, then click on Install button

Case 2: If the system’s audio or video library is not according to what Windows Media Player needs. To fix this, go to Start menu and type troubleshooting in the search box, pick up Troubleshooting. Now, choose View all, select Windows Media Player Library. Now, hit on Next option to initiate troubleshooting wizard followed by selecting Apply this fix option.

Now restart your computer and try to play MOV videos on Windows Media Player 11. If still the problem remains the same, then MOV files might have been corrupted.

Fixing MOV Files not Playing on Windows Media Player 11

As it is mentioned above in this page that the unplayable MOV videos can be fixed with the help of repair tools, it is suggested to download YupTools Fix MOV Software. Being designed using friendly user interface, YupTools is very easy to install on computers running with any latest Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, etc.

Here are the Steps Required for Repairing MOV Videos....

  • Once you install the application, run it and follow the onscreen instructions
  • Main screen will ask to provide one healthy video file along with damaged video
  • After providing both the files, click on “Repair” button to start the fixing process
  • After the repair process gets completed, it tells that the video has been successfully repaired
  • You can also preview fixed MOV video by using “Preview” button
  • Finally save the file by clicking on the “Save” button to required destination

Useful Features of YupTools Fix MOV Program

  • The utility is safe to use as it works on read only mode, meaning the tool doesn’t modify the video content
  • You need not to be a techie to repair MOV videos that are not playing on Windows Media Player
  • Fixes high definition MOV videos which are not playing on Windows Media Player 11
  • Apart from Windows Media Player 11, the program supports fixing of MOV files that are not playing on other media players like VLC, Windows Media Centre, etc
  • Helps to repair MOV videos which are not synched properly
  • Repairs MOV files stored on internal hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, iPods, digital cameras, camcorders, and other storage media
  • Even the application works for fixing virus infected videos, videos with header corruption and CRC errors, video files damaged due to round tripping process, etc.
  • Apart from MOV, it also repairs MP4 video files efficiently

Useful Tips

  • Always install the correct codecs on your system
  • Install a good antivirus application to get rid of harmful viruses

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