Repair Photoshop PSD File

We all know how much of time and effort goes into creating one PSD file. Adobe Photoshop application is used to digitally enhance and modify images. So when a PSD file which you have worked hard on gets corrupted, then it sure leaves you worried. What could have happened to the .psd document and how to rebuild PSD file will be your only thought.

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Well there are many reasons for PSD file corruption, and when the file is corrupted, you would encounter error messages or the file refuses to open. So let’s see some causes for PSD file corruption:

  • PSD header file corruption
  • Abrupt termination of Photoshop application when a PSD file is open
  • Upgrading Adobe Photoshop in an improper way
  • Interruptions like sudden system shutdown while still working on a .psd document
  • Opening PSD file in an older version of Photoshop

Some of the reasons for PSD file corruption were listed. The next step is to rebuild the file. What’s the best way to fix the corrupt PSD file without damaging it any further? A quick and safe solution to rebuild / fix PSD file is by using YupTools Fix PSD File software. This application repairs corrupted, damaged, and inaccessible PSD files with ease.

Repair PSD File:

YupTools Fix PSD File software is designed with simple interface and advanced mechanisms which rebuild damaged PSD files. It is a safe tool to repair corrupted PSD files because it creates a new file for repairing the corrupt PSD file, while keeping the source file unaltered. Thus, the layers, color modes, text associated with PSD document is left unchanged even after the repair process. Even broken or corrupt .psd files can be fixed in just few steps. This PSD Repair tool fixes .psd and .pdd files created on any version of Adobe Photoshop. PSD files with different color modes like Lab color, RGB, CMYK, Bitmap, Gray scale, etc. will be repaired.

Simple Steps to Rebuild PSD File:

  • Download and install YupTools Fix PSD software on your system. Launch the application.
  • Click on Browse option to select the PSD file to be repaired and hit on Repair button
  • The repair process begins and the progress can be seen as shown
  • After PSD file is fixed, you can preview the file using Preview option and save it on a preferred destination as shown

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