RAR Header Repair

“the file header is corrupt” – If this is the error you are experiencing, then I regret to tell that, your RAR file header is corrupted due to which you are facing this problem. This usually happens due to corruptions, changing of file extensions, virus intrusion and many more can be responsible for this. Let’s see how to fix it…

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When the RAR file header is corrupt, then it refuses to open and starts throwing error messages like above mentiond. YupTools Fix RAR tool is the finest way to perform .rar header repair, when it is not possible to re-download such files or the backup is not available. This application will open even corrupted archives with .rar extensions. Just download this repairing tool, install it and forget about the issues of *.rar files as YupTools Fix RAR will effectively fix all kinds of header corruption issues related to .RAR files in a short interval of time.

YupTools Fix RAR Provides:

  • Demo version that is freely downloadable before going for actual purchase
  • “Preview” option of repaired file before saving
  • Support to all Windows Operating System versions such as Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 successfully
  • Saving of the fixed .RAR file on any of the accessible storage devices using “Save” button

Reasons behind RAR File Header Corruption:

  • Any kind of physical damage to storage devices containing *.rar files
  • Due to malicious viruses or Trojan, malware infections might corrupt your header section of RAR file
  • Changing the file extensions will sometimes cost you so much that it will corrupt .rar header
  • Due to incompatible compression tools
  • Using vulnerable tools for converting files from one format to other
  • When the downloading process of RAR files gets interrupted
  • Due to bad sectors on hard drive where you have stored your RAR files

No matter due to what reasons your RAR file header is corrupted or damaged, but by using YupTools Fix RAR Software one can effortlessly repair all kind of corruption problems related to *.rar files in a couple of easy steps. In this case, you can use the Try-out version of this application and test its repairing efficiency. If you're happy with the fixed results then go for the paid version and save your repaired .RAR files on to your host computer.


YupTools Fix RAR utility have simple and adaptable interface. It does not require any technical knowledge to perform repairing process, so anyone can make use of this software and can execute the corrupt file repair process in few simple steps on Windows Operating System. YupTools Fix RAR program is having advanced algorithm for fixing *.rar files. It will fix RAR file of size 4GB.

Other than fixing rar header file, software can be used to repair other errors like:

  • CRC check failure
  • Unexpected end of file
  • CRC error
  • The archive is either in unknown format or is damaged
  • And more…

No modification are made in the original data while repairing RAR files. It works on Read-only programming mode. Supports all versions of WinRAR. You can even extract password protected RAR files with ease. The highlighting feature of this tool is, it does not change any original content of the file while repairing rather it gives you a new healthy repaired RAR file without any loss of data. YupTools Fix RAR application is 100% safe to use. Feel free to call us as 24*7, technical support will be provided.

Repair Corrupt RAR Header Files using these Steps:

  • Download and install the tool on your system
  • Using “Browse” option place the inaccessible RAR file
  • Click on “Repair” option
  • Once it is finished, you can view it using “Preview” option and save using “Save” button

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