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  • Fixes RAR archive easily without damaging compressed files
  • Extract RAR file that are password protected
  • Numerous errors occurring in RAR can be fixed
  • Best of all, available at affordable price

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Easy Solution:

Smaller sized files are very easy to share but when it comes to large or multiple file transfer, anyone would tend to compress the files and create single package. Compressing huge amount of files into RAR form is the best approach to reduce the disk space on your system. Due to some unpredictable reasons these files may get corrupt or damaged. Repairing such files will be the most important task for anyone.

YupTools is a good way of fixing RAR file format that are inaccessible, when it is not possible to re-download files or other copies are not there. YupTools Fix RAR is one such tool which will meet all your expectations and fix RAR file successfully on Windows Operating System. Have you tried out to extract RAR archive ? Download this professional RAR fixing tool Now...!

It is developed for extracting information from corrupt or damaged archives of RAR. Application for repairing *.rar files helps to repair errors like:

  • “CRC check failure”
  • “Unexpected end of file”
  • “File Open error: invalid CRC”
  • “Unexpected end of archive”
  • “Error: cannot open file”
  • “Cannot open file: it doesn't appear to be valid archive”
  • “The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”
  • “Unable to extract RAR files and appearing a message saying mismatch in size”
  • And others...!

Why would your RAR files get corrupt?

  • When the downloading process of RAR files gets interrupted
  • Due to incompatible compression
  • While changing the file extensions of RAR file
  • RAR File Header corruption issues
  • Improper transferring of .rar files

Software Will:

  • Repair all kind of *.rar files that are corrupted(inaccessible), damaged or broken
  • Modernized repairing mechanism to fix RAR files corrupted due to CRC errors
  • Will fix .rar format having more than 4GB of file size
  • Helps you repair *.rar files of different WinRAR versions
  • Provides “Preview” option so that you can easily view your fixed RAR files
  • The highlighting feature of this tool is, it does not alter or change any data from the RAR rather it gives you a new healthy repaired RAR file without any loss of data.
  • Once the repairing process is finished, you can check the repaired RAR files
  • This application will even fix RAR archive files stored on external storage devices that may be corrupt and you can utilize this tool for corrupt RAR file fix things like Pen drives, flash cards, fire wire drives and many other devices

Finally: You will have healthy repaired RAR files by using YupTools Fix RAR Software. Download free demo version of YupTools, and experience the repairing results using “Preview” option. Thus, you are done!!! Final step is, saving fixed RAR file using “Save” button, once you install the fully licensed version of YupTools. Now you will be able to extract your compressed files successfully..!! If you face any kind of difficulties, then please feel free to contact us, we are open 24*7.

System Requirements

  • Operating Systems – Microsoft Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003
  • RAM – 512 GB (1GB Recommended)
  • Disk Space – 50 MB free space (for Installation)
  • System Type – 32bit or 64bit PC
  • Supported WinRAR versions -
    • WinRAR 2.00
    • WinRAR 2.90
    • WinRAR 3.50
    • WinRAR 3.70
    • WinRAR 3.80
    • WinRAR 3.90
    • WinRAR 4.00


Select corrupted RAR file
Repairing Process
Preview Files
Save Repaired Files

What's New?

  • Extract RAR Archive File

    Utilize YupTools Fix RAR utility to extract .RAR archive file that is corrupted due to some general factors. Detail procedure is mentioned in this page, Please go through it!

    Fix RAR Files in Windows 8

    Learn to extract RAR files in Windows 8 system by using YupTools Fix RAR utility. Click the given link to read in detail about the repair process in Windows 8.

  • Repairing Password Protected RAR

    Are you unable to access password protected RAR files due to corruption issue? You are at the right page, click the link and follow the simple steps mentioned to fix password protected RAR files.

    Extract Encrypted RAR

    Tired of using unreliable software to extract data from Encrypted RAR files? YupTools Fix RAR is the most popular tool in the market which will solve all your issues related to RAR corruption and make encrypted RAR easily accessible.

  • Fix Incomplete RAR Files

    Unable to view contents of an incomplete RAR file? Then YupTools Fix RAR is the best option you have. utilize the tool and get to know the difference.

    Unable to Extract RAR Files

    Are you unable to extract the contents of RAR files. If so then the RAR file might be corrupted due to some reasons. Go to this page and know the reason behind RAR corruption and fix the same.

  • Cannot Open RAR in Windows 7

    RAR files cannot be opened in Windows 7 due to some common to complex corruption issues. In such case, you just need to opt for the best utility. Here is an effective RAR Fix utility called YupTools Fix RAR Tool to fix RAR in Win 7.

    Fixing RAR File Header Issue

    If your RAR file header is corrupted and you're not able to access that file due to that error, then make use of YupTools Fix RAR tool and fix it easily.

  • Unexpected End of Archive after Downloading

    Here is the perfect tool to extract the files from the error unexpected end of archive after downloading the RAr files.

    How to Repair Downloaded RAR File?

    YupTools Fix RAR help you fix all types of issues you face in downloaded .rar file type. One simple and easy solution to fix errors and corruption issues in RAR file quickly.

  • Rebuild RAR File Larger than 2GB

    Utilize YupTools Fix RAR Application if you want to fix RAR file which is of any size; the tool can be employed to repair RAR file created on all versions of WinRAR like WinRAR 2.00, 2.90, 3.50, 3.70, 3.80, 3.90, 4.00

    How to Fix Virus Infected RAR File

    If the .rar is infected with malicious virus and due to which you're facing trouble extracting RAR file. Using this software you can easily repair the issue in few simple steps!

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