Fix Unexpected End of Archive after Downloading RAR

Huge number of files and folders can be archived into a single RAR file in compressed file format. This RAR file helps in maintaining the contents safe and secure with ease. You can save massive sized files on any drive easily as a compressed RAR file as it occupies less memory space. Also it will be easy for downloading or uploading RAR files over the internet as it consumes very less data.

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Even though RAR files are as convenient and helpful for data storage, still it is prone to errors and corruption issue. RAR files can get corrupted and turns into inaccessible state and are vulnerable to error messages.

Generally RAR file gets damaged when you share files on any unsecure network. This makes you to suffer from data loss scenario as it restricts you to access files from it. One of the most common error messages that is terrified by corrupted RAR file is “unexpected end of archive” while accessing RAR archive. You usually get this error messages after downloading RAR file.

How to solve unexpected end of archive after downloading RAR file?

Well, many users might come across this issue of unexpected end of archive error after downloading RAR file. Don’t worry it is easy to solve this issue if you make use of YupTools Fix RAR File Tool. It is recommended by many industrial experts and is designed with well advanced algorithm that successfully helps to fix RAR file and solve unexpected end of archive after downloading RAR file.

What causes unexpected end of archive on RAR file?

  • While downloading RAR archive on your PC, if there are any interruptions in that process then it results in file corruption issue. If your computer is abruptly turned off or if any problem occurs in internet connection then it breaks the downloading process in the middle. This sort of interruption is one of the main reason behind this unexpected end of archive message. When you try to extract it, you fail to access any files from that archive
  • RAR file also get corrupted when it is stored in the drive having bad sectors. And if you try to access that file you get an error of unexpected end of archive message
  • RAR file also turns into inaccessible state due to infection of some external threats after downloading. If it is damaged because of infection of some dangerous virus before extraction then you will be unable to access any files stored in it

Many of you might have faced 'unexpected end of archive' error problem while extracting RAR file due to above mentioned reasons or by other causes. RAR archives cannot be accessed if they break. However, you can easily fix unexpected end of archive with the help of YupTools Fix RAR File Application and make them accessible again.

Features of YupTools Fix RAR File Program:

  • It uses an excellent technique which helps to repair broken, inaccessible, corrupt RAR file easily and efficiently
  • Scans each file and fixes all corrupted RAR file within a couple of minutes
  • Supports fixing of all versions of RAR files having size of 4GB and more
  • Repairs severely damaged RAR file after header corruption without destroying password code
  • Ability to mend corrupt RAR files on Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003,Server 2008,Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 10
  • Helps to fix password protected RAR file by following few simple steps
  • Supports all latest versions of WinRAR archive like WinRAR 3, WinRAR 2, WinRAR 1.5 and WinRAR 1.3

Important tips to be followed:

  • Be sure that there is no interruption when you are moving or downloading RAR archive
  • Always install a good antiviral application to remove deadly viruses causing RAR file corruption
  • It is suggested to keep backup your vital RAR files onto any external storage devices

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