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“Last week suddenly there was power failure when I was downloading some RAR files from internet. Message was displayed stating finished downloading but later when I tried to access those RAR files I was not able to open it. An error message was displayed ’unable to open incomplete files’. At any cost I need to fix this problem as it is a very important file. Now I am wondering how to open incomplete RAR files. Please can anyone help me in opening incomplete RAR files?”

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RAR is an important compression technique that is widely used by many users for encrypting and secure transmission of data having similar kind of information. RAR files can be created by using secure compression tools such as WinRAR, WinZip and many more. Despite having many unique features RAR files often refuse to open because they are corrupted or broken. Various reasons for data corruption are explained as follows –

  • Improper Downloading: When there is any sort of interruptions while downloading RAR files from internet such as sudden power failure, abruptly switching of computer systems, etc can corrupt RAR files.
  • Header file corruption: Every RAR archive contains header file that holds access information of all files within that archive. If this header files get corrupted then you are unable to open RAR files.
  • CRC error:  CRC encrypts the RAR files during transmission over networks. If there is any change in the file content during transmission process then CRC error occurs which will lead to incomplete RAR archive.
  • Virus Infection: There are also chances of RAR files getting corrupted due to infection of harmful virus or malware thus leading to incomplete RAR files or corruption of files.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Always install secure and reliable antivirus on your system
  • Avoid interruptions while downloading process is going on
  • Avoid using unreliable application to extract RAR archive

Why YupTools fix RAR?

Thinking how to unpack incomplete RAR files? Utilize YupTools Fix RAR File Tool which is the most recommended tool by professional software experts to mend all problems related to RAR files. This tool can be executed by any user due to its GUI simplicity. It is 100% free from harmful virus thus no important information is mishandled and it fits in your pocket. This product also comes in free demo version so that you can check the capability and performance. It is compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows server 2003 and 2008.

Features of YupTools Fix RAR

  • It has the ability to repair all versions of RAR
  • It can fix password protected RAR files
  • Supports mending of RAR files having CRC error
  • Helps to mend files having size more than 4 GB
  • YupTools Fix RAR has strong RAR repair algorithm which fixes RAR files within fraction of minutes

Step to follow:

  • Download and install YupTools Fix RAR demo version
  • Select the corrupt RAR file and click on “REPAIR
  • Quick scanning and repairing process will take place
  • Repaired files can be view using “Preview” option
  • To save repaired file, buy licensed versions.

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