Recovering Files Deleted from Backup Hard Drive

Keeping a backup of important files is one of the important thing you can do to protect important data. Required backup files can be created and stored on the hard drive. You can follow up the backup process often according to your need like monthly or weekly basis. Many people backup crucial files in their hard drive as it can be accessed easily while working on any files on the system.

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On the other hand some users rarely backup their hard drive and then undergo the pain and stress of losing their crucial files. Many users don’t find the enough time to backup and complain about deletion of files. Further search for the solution for data recovery. Well, you can find many reasons why it is important to backup your files and make sure that you always have a copy of those files.

Importance of backup hard drive

Well, many users feel convenient to have whole computer files on a single hard drive. You can catch hard drives which are affordable and keep all the backup files on it. But be sure that you make room for some extra files on the hard drive.

Issues with files from backup hard drive

You might backup all the important files regularly on the computer hard drive. Unfortunately in the event of some scenarios, you might end up with deletion of backup files from hard drive. You can find number of causes where the backup files from system hard drives is lost unexpectedly. Now let us learn what are the causes for deletion of files from backup hard drive:

  • Formatting system hard drive by mistake instead of formatting other external drive leads to deletion of backup files stored in it
  • Harmful viruses infect the file system of the computer hard drive deletes backup files which are preserved in it
  • Improper method of copying backup files from hard drive to other external drives can leads to deletion of backup file stored in it

How to recover deleted files from backup hard drive?

Deleted files from backup hard drive can be easily recovered with the help of YupTools Hard Drive Recovery Program. This application is designed with well advanced scanning algorithm. It completely scans your hard drive and searches for the deleted backup files quickly. As it is developed with user friendly interface, any novice can restore hard drive files in few minutes. No matter what are the causes behind deletion of backup files from hard drive. YupTools Hard Drive Recovery allows you to restore deleted files from backup hard drive within short period of time.

Free of cost trial edition

YupTools Hard Drive Recovery Utility is designed with free of cost trial edition. You can easily download this tool and accomplish deleted file recovery in a demonstrative manner. This free trial version illustrates a demonstration of the YupTools working for free and allows you to understand the software before purchasing. But if you want to save the recovered files from backup hard drive then you have to invest on the licensed version of this program.

Functionalities of YupTools Hard Drive Recovery Toolkit:

  • YupTools helps you not only to recover deleted files from backup hard drive but also from other external data storage drives like memory cards, pen drives, USB drives, FireWire drives, etc.
  • Restores deleted files from file system like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT
  • You can easily recover files from MacBook hard drive by following simple steps
  • Compatible with different version of Mac OS like Mac Lion, Mac Leopard, Mac Mavericks, Mac Yosemite, etc to retrieve deleted files from hard drive
  • With the help of this YupTools program, you can easily arrange recovered files based on their file name, file size, file extension, etc according to your convenience
  • It provides an efficient deleted file recovery that is erased because of emptying Trash Bin folder

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