Recovering RAW Partition on Mac

As FAT and HFS are the regular file system of Mac machines, RAW is an error file system which is an error file system state which causes a lot of problems and make files inaccessible. When the Mac Volume is shown as RAW, then these might be the possible symptoms:

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  • File System will be displayed as “RAW”
  • If the Volume is accessible, then it might display the file names in a “weird” characters
  • You may get “Sector not found” message, when you try to access RAW partition / Volume files
  • “Disk is not formatted. Do you want to format now?” message will be shown when you access RAW partition, you cannot move forward and access the files residing in it because either you have to click on “yes” or “no”. Both options will lead you to lose data from Mac partition
  • Type of the system is RAW. CHKDSK is not available for RAW disk

Cause can be…

  • Improper usage of Mac Disk Management Utilities for creating new partitions, resizing of the existing ones, partitioning or re-partitioning purposes
  • If any interruptions while formatting or re-formatting Mac volumes
  • When a Macintosh lose power, it will shut down the system with no time and this may damage the file system and make Mac volume RAW
  • Used space and free space will be set to 0 bytes
  • New flash drives that are unformatted suffer a virus attack as well as it may corrupt disk and it will be marked as RAW

Pay Attention to…

If a Mac partition became RAW, don’t panic just remember do not format it. If you format it, the chances of RAW partition recovery will be very less. So be careful while facing such situations. We are recovering files from RAW partition on Mac instead of restoring partition itself.

Quick Solution -

To overcome from all these cases, you need to make use of proficient hard drive recovery tool for mac to recover RAW partition without losing data which is applicable for all Mac machines. One such software is, YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery Tool!

YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software is the good and efficient partition recovery tool for all Mac users. It’s simple yet effective and reliable to recover RAW partition data in few simple steps. It will retrieve entire files and folders residing in RAW partition easily. It is built with simple user interface, so that a person with no technical knowledge can make use of this utility to find files on Mac Volumes. Apart for this it is capable of restoring files that are emptied from Trash folder of Mac, accidentally deleted files, drives failing to mount, and many.

Basic Features of YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • More compatible on recent versions of Mac OS X devices such as Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard and others
  • You can recover pictures, music files, videos, audio files, documents, text files and more data will be recovered using this tool
  • Supports SCSI, IDE, ATA and SATA hard drive interfaces with FAT, HFS and HFS+ file system
  • Helps in recovering data from Samsung SSD hard drive in few minutes
  • Demo version of YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software can be download for free
  • Round the clock technical help will be provided to you, if you face any kind of difficulties while using or installing this app

Take a Note Of:

  • Uphold the regular back up of all required files and folders
  • Try to avoid interruptions while transferring files, while formatting Volume

Steps to Retrieve RAW Partition Data on Mac:

  • Download and install YupTools Mac Hard Drive Recovery tool on any Mac OS X versions
  • Select “Recover Drives / Volumes” option from very first page
  • On the next page, select “Volumes Recovery” option
  • Now, select the RAW drive from where you want to recover files and click on “Next” option
  • Wait for few minutes
  • Software will display a list of recovered files from RAW partition
  • Check using “Preview” option and store them using “Save” option (Save option will be accessible if you have installed complete licensed version)

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