Data Recovery after OS Reinstall

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“I recently got fed up with my graphics driver on Windows 7 and decided to reinstall XP. So, I formatted C drive and installed XP on it. Now, I wanted to install drivers which I had copied on D drive of earlier Windows 7. When I opened my computer and navigated my way to D drive, I couldn’t find D drive there! Only C drive on which XP has got installed is present. I was little pissed off and again reinstalled Windows 7. Now, I can see all the drives on disk management but no data present on drives. So, my question is can I recover data after OS reinstall? Is there any program that could help me to take out of this problem? If so, please suggest me because, I have lot of important data on it.”

The process of operating system reinstallation includes formatting the partition (especially C drive) and install system with a new operating system. If in case you follow improper way to during the reinstallation process or forgot to backup system data, you will be the looser!

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Other Reasons responsible for Operating System Reinstallation

Well, in some scenarios virus or malware infects the operating system leading for its corruption. In order to maintain proper functioning of OS, you may prefer to reinstall operating system without taking any back up of system data. Further, Master Boot Record corruption, improper re-partitioning of drives, etc may lead to operating system malfunction and only way to fix the issue is OS reinstall which will then results in data loss.

Solution for Recovering Data after Reinstallating OS

You need not to be worried for the above mentioned frustrating scenarios. Whenever you find the data is lost, don’t feel that you lost it permanently. In the real case, only the index entries of the files get erased from the file system, but not the actual data content of the files. Even though the OS marks the memory spaces of files as free, the data will be present on the memory space until and unless it gets overwritten by new data. Hence, you can restore files after reinstalling operating system using appropriate data recovery tool like YupTools Recover Hard Drive.

YupTools Recover Hard Drive Program is the most reliable data recovery software that helps in restoring files after OS reinstallation. It can retrieve deleted or lost documents, images, audios, videos and many other types of files from system hard disk after OS reinstallation. The utility has been designed with simple and friendly user interface which allows you to recover files without any technical knowledge. Besides, computer hard drive data recovery, the tool can retrieve lost data successfully from various storage devices like flash drives, memory cards, etc. This application is capable enough to recover data after OS reinstall from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS 5, and ExFAT partitions. What’s more, the program is compatible with various versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc. The application can even be run on Mac OS. You can even recover files from partially deleted partition using the same recovery tool!

Steps to Recover Data

  • Connect the hard disk from which the data after OS reinstallation is to be retrieved to a healthy Windows computer
  • Download and install YupTools Recover Hard Drive to that system
  • Run the software and initiate the data recovery process by following on screen instructions
  • Select “Recover Drives” option from the welcome screen
  • In the next screen two options like “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery will be displayed. Choose the second option and click on “Next”
  • The application scans the entire hard drive carefully and the data present on that drive will be recovered in limited amount of time
  • Restored data can be previewed using “Preview” option
  • Finally, save retrieved files on desired location


  • Don’t use the system after data loss in order to avoid further data conflicts
  • Try to recover lost data as soon as possible without any delay using appropriate data recovery tool
  • Always maintain back up of vital data on more than one device

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